24 January, 2012

Just my luck...

I still have 2 more posts about Christmas to share, but I thought I'd take a quick break to share more current news! 

You might remember that I don't have very good luck with cars, from breakdowns to accidents (those are just 2 examples), I've had more than my fair share of car issues.  Last Spring Mike and I decided it was time to get rid of my Stratus (we were putting way too much money into it!) and buy a more reliable vehicle.  We decided to buy a Saturn Vue, thinking it would last a few years and when our family grows, the Vue would provide ample room.

Unfortunately, my bad luck continued and in December we found out the Vue needed a new transmission.  Because of the kind of transmission, it was going to cost over $5,500 to get it fixed!  We spent a lot of time in prayer and talking about our options and decided that we would get rid of the Vue and buy a truck.  We planned on buying a truck in the future, but not for a couple more years.  We were able to trade in the Vue and 2 weeks ago, Mike got his dream truck--a 2008 Dodge Ram.  We both love it and are thrilled with  our purchase.

I got Mike's old car and we though we'd be all set for a while.  Little did we know...

On Thursday, I got up with Mike and headed to the gym when he left for work.  Same thing that happens every day.  Driving though our subdivision, I thought about how slick it was and the wind and snow were really blowing hard.  It was difficult to see, but I know that it's often worse in our subdivision than on the main roads.  I figured I would get onto the main road and if it was too bad, I'd turn around and go home.  It's about a 15 minute drive to the gym and I didn't want to drive that far in bad weather. 

I pulled out of the subdivision and got about 2 houses down when I saw a SUV swerving down the road.  He was heading right for me and I immediately knew that he was going to hit me.  I thought maybe I could avoid a head on collision by going off the road and into someone's front yard.  Too late though, I heard a sickening crunch and the airbags blew up in my face.  The other driver pulled his car off to the side of the road (still driveable--of course!) and I got out to see what happened. 

And this is what I saw:


I called Mike right away, and he had just gotten to work.  He turned around immediately and came to the scene.  He arrived just before the police officer.  The other driver got a ticket for going faster than conditions allow.  A tow truck came and had to wench my car out of the ditch. 

We found out on Monday that the damage would cost nearly $10,000 to fix and so the car is totalled.  Unfortunately we took full coverage insurance off my car when we bought the truck.  We'll file for the $500 mini tort claim from the guy who hit me and probably scrap this car.  We're really sad as we both loved the Grand Am.  Now we're in the market for another car.  We're hoping to just find something real cheap right now as it's all we can afford. 
I was still pretty shaken up and getting sore, so I didn't go in to work on Thursday.  I spent the majority of the day on the couch.  I did have pretty good company though! 


  1. You really have had bad luck on the road. And it's a real bummer to get only $500 for a car that was working fine.

  2. I went from "SA-WEET!" to "well, that sucks" in a matter of 30 seconds of reading. :o) Glad you are ok...bummer about all the "casualties". It all seems to happen at once...believe me, I know.

  3. oh my gosh! So sad! Car issues are the worst...

  4. I'm always paranoid about airbags going off in my car--- Did the airbag itself hurt when it came out? Or did the collision side track you from that?? Sorry about all your car troubles! Hopefully that will be the end of them... for awhile at least!

  5. @Monica--I don't remember being hit by the airbag, so I don't think it hurt. I'm actually not sure if it even hit me!


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