13 April, 2008

More writing

First off...I leave for Romania in exactly TWO months from today! Wow! I'll write more about that trip later.

But to continue on the topic of my last few posts...
I still have not come up with a title for my poem, I do however like the idea from Cheryl, Narcissism in the Library, so I am thinking of using that.
Here is another poem that I wrote from the same time. It's a different style of writing, very compact:

Concentration. Lost.
Head bowed
Writing furiously
Then writing
Then writing
Concentrating until
A person
Walks by
Talking loudly
Concentration lost
Gathers papers
And leaves

Anyway, I finished my story for creative writing. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I have my editing appointment with my professor on Tuesday morning, so I will see what changes need to be made. At least I don't have to think about that any more!

However, we only have 2 weeks left before exams! That's only 6 more days of classes for me! Sa--weet!!!! :) But, that also means that final projects have moved into crunch time! For my business communication course, we have to write a 15 page analytical report. My group chose to write about language barriers in the workplace. I didn't know how difficult it was going to be writing a paper as a group. The problem is, that everyone has their own way of doing things. I am putting together the main body of the paper, and my goal was to have it done by tomorrow, a week before it's due. This is so that the others can take care of the other parts of the paper, like the transmittal memo, contents page, appedix etc. Well, I didn't have all the information I needed in order to start the paper on time, and I ended up working on it most of the afternoon (with a short break to talk with Alecia!!!), and I'm still not done. So obviously, it's not going to be done by tomorrow. Oh well :) I'll get it done in time! Welcome to the life of a college student!!!

Also, if anyone could tell me how to make the strike through appear on my words (you know, where there's a line through the words), that would be much appreciated! Thanks!


  1. I like that poem! I was told once how to do the strike through, but I am old and don't remember anymore. Sorry!

  2. Here is my montra when working with others! "I am a willow". It has so helpe me (stop laughing Diane!) I am a control freak (not that you are) and need things done on or at a certain time! Find that doesn't always play well when working with people! Have a great last 6 days of classes!

  3. There might be an easier way but I type it in Microsoft word with strike though and then copy and paste it into my blog.

  4. That was a neat poem.
    I can't believe how ast this year went. Halle's teacher put in the home link that now she only has 18 more days of school for the year.

  5. I like your poem! I do the strike through like Jennifer does. The only problem is I am too lazy to do it.


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