27 April, 2008


Last night, we had a pig roast and missions auction at church. A small group from the youth group is going to Guatemala this summer, so this auction was done as a fundraiser for them.
I didn't think there were as many people as usual, but there were a lot of good things up for bid.
I bid on quite a few is what I ended up with...

I saw this and fell in love with it. I have this written on my bathroom mirror, and I like this quote. It doesn't match my room, but like Tori said, I have to move out someday!

Another favorite quote. When I saw this, again I knew I "had" to have it. I was bidding up against my friend for it, and I ended up getting it. I was pretty happy :)

Even though the signs/paintings don't really match, I figured I'd display them anyway.

Then I saw this set of 3 paintings. It reminded me of Romania because of the fields of red poppies.

It's not actually Romania though, it's the Tuscan Valley in Italy.

Which is cool because I've been to Italy and I love Italy

Here's the whole set of 3. Again, they really don't match my room, but I fell in love with them. Eventually I'll have a place that they will match. In the mean time, I might just hang them up anyway :)

I also bought a Mary Higgins Clark (one of my favorite authors) book and a planter for my mom. The only other thing I wanted but didn't get was tickets to a Tiger's game. They sold for over $100! I would have like to have won...but I'm not made of money ;) I like going to the auction and finding this cool all the proceeds go to a very good cause!


  1. You got a lot of cool stuff at the auction! I have never bought anything at an auction in my life! I think it would be fun!

  2. We always go to the auction but didn't make this one as we were just home. Glad you got some things!

  3. It was fun. Guess what we're having for supper tomorrow night- you guessed it- left over pork!

  4. It was alot of fun! I think I did O.K., even though it was my first auction! I bid on quite a bit and I'm so glad I didn't get everything! I don't think Steve would have been pleased! You made out!

  5. I really enjoy the auction too and we did get some pretty good things this year too! I was thinking about when the time comes that you have to move out - are you going to plan your rooms around your plaques/paintings? I'm going to volunteer Tori to help with the painting because she LOVES it so much!! :)


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