27 October, 2008

Haunted Corn Maze

Saturday night, Mike and I, his sister Jen and her boyfriend Tyler, went to a haunted corn maze in Fennville. It was the first time I had gone to anything like this, and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew it would be fun, because Mike loves going, but he couldn't tell me much about it without ruining the effect of the maze.

We had to stand in line for a while when we first arrived. They were showing clips from horror movies to add to the atmosphere and creep everyone out. Some of the clips were a bit freaky, but I found most of them to be more funny that scary.

When we made it to the front of the line, we all got green glow sticks to light up the way. And off we went. It's too hard to describe what happen in order of how it happened, but basically, there were a lot of masked creatures that jumped out at us from the corn, or they'd just make creepy noises, or follow us. Mike and I were in the front and Jen and Tyler were behind us for most of the maze. So we got the people who jumped out in front of us... I'll share some of the most memorable ones...

One of the first creatures was crouched down on the ground, it jumped up at us and the thing was all covered in hair and monstrous! I'm pretty sure that's when I screamed and Mike jumped and screamed too!

There were sections that we went over that had a trampoline on the ground, so it was really unstable and it felt wierd. That kind of freaked me out because the ground wasn't solid under our feet.

There was an old lady sitting in a wheelchair rocking back and forth. We thought that was just wierd until she started making creepy groaning noises and then we thought she was freaky. We went around a corner and she came through the corn making noises at us!

At one point there were a series of scarecrows. Turns out one of them was a person and he moved right when I was by him.

Other people would jump out at us or chase us from behind with chainsaws.

We were almost through the maze when we passed a grave yard set up and there was a lady dressed in white standing to the edge. I was so concentrated on her that I didn't see a guy on the ground reaching to grab my leg. I jumped to the side and practically pushed Mike into the corn!

The most memorable one for me was...We were walking and nothing had happened for a few minutes. I felt something tapping on my back and I said "That better be Jen or Tyler." Mike told me to turn around, but I was scared to see what was behind me, so I refused. Finally I turned around and it was this hideous looking creature who had been following us and poking me!! (Disclaimer: They're not actually supposed to touch us when we go through the maze. But when he crept up behind us, Mike saw him and the guy told Mike to be quiet. So basically he knew it was okay because Mike didn't object)

After we got throroughly scared by the maze, we went through a 3-D maze. It was really cool. At one point, we had to walk through a tunnel that was spinning. We walked on a bridge through it, but it felt like we were going to fall over!!

It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to go back next year!!


  1. I probably would have done ok while I was there but at night I probably wouldn't have slept!!

  2. Going to the corn maze was one of the scariest things in my life and I will never go back again! Plus, the even scarier thing is that someone could really get killed in there and no one would even know the screams aren't just from scared people!

  3. I've never been to the corn maze but I went to something simular and I don't I'll ever do that again but I'm glad you had fun...Kae


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