03 October, 2008

"Good" news

I finally got my computer back today...after being without it for over a week!!! Man!'s harder than you think! Unfortunately, it is not fixed. But, it will be soon. You see, the problem is with the motherboard of the computer, which basically runs the whole computer. The gentleman at System Works told me it could run about $500 to get it fixed. However, HP is aware that there is a problem with these computers, and they are offering and extended warranty. So I came home tonight and went to HP's website and found out that my computer is one that is covered!!! After spending 30 minutes on the phone, I found out that they will pay to have my computer mailed to HP. Then they will fix it, mail it back, and then there is an extended warranty on the fixed part! So basically, I will have to endure about another week without my laptop, but then it should be fixed and good as new!!! Yay! It's good to know that there are companies out there that will recognize when their products have problems and are willing to accept responsiblity and fix them!!!


  1. Yeah! That doesn't happen often. I'm glad the only thing you have to do is be without it another week.

  2. That's awesome! It's too bad that you have to go another week without it but it's good that you have to go another week without it and not pay for it!!! :)

  3. It is a bummer that your computer is broken at all but how cool that it is going to be fixed for you. That rocks!

    Side note: You were in my dream last night and we got into a HUGE fight. Weird! That was a nightmare for sure.


  4. That never happens! That is very good news.


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