29 October, 2008

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Sunday afternoon, Mike, Brett, Kevin, and I went up to Silver Lake to go on the sand dunes with Brett's truck. He has a 2001 Dodge Ram. The weather wasn't the greatest, but we figured that didn't really matter because we would be in the truck the whole time anyway.

The drive up was fun. Between the 4 of us, we ate a whole bag of Doritos and drank lots of Mountain less than an hour :)

When we got there, the guys put the orange flag on the truck and let a lot of the air out of the tires. They were chivalrous and allowed me to stay in the nice warm truck. It's kind of hard to describe the feeling of bouncing around up and down the huge dunes and through the water, unless someone has done it before. We took a video, so I thought I'd share it. (Enjoy our random conversation!!) I laugh every time I watch this video!!!

About halfway through the video, you'll see a huge puddle that we went through and the water completely covered the truck! It was awesome!! But it caused some problems with the truck, because things got wet. We decided that rather than sacrifice the truck, we'd call it a day, because we'd already had a blast.

We had to fill up the tires (again the guys were so nice to me :D ). We took it easy on the way home because we weren't sure what damage had been done to the truck. When we reached Muskegon, we noticed how dark the sky had gotten. Suddenly, the truck started going to the right and Brett noticed we were sliding! The road was covered in slush and huge chunks of hail began pelting down. It lasted probably 10 minutes...absolutely crazy! Cars had like an inch of this slushy snow stuff pile up on them. We stopped at Auto Zone and found out that there were 6 codes causing the check engine light to turn on. Turns out that they were all caused by cylinder misfires. The truck fixed itself because as it ran, the water dried out. That's a Dodge for you!!

We all had a blast, and we decided that next year, we'll go again when it's a bit warmer outside!!

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