18 October, 2008

I'm baaaaack! And I need your help!

I finally have my computer back and it's all fixed and running great!!! So that means I should be back to posting and leaving comments more regularly instead of letting it go for a week and a half!!

So, on Tuesday, we have a much needed break from school. Let's just say Mike and I are totally ready! I have a mix of classes this semester. Some are no-brainers (like English, that is a review of stuff I learned in middle school), but others are nearly impossible. Like Business Law. If it wasn't required, I'd drop it in a heartbeat!

So anyway, no school Tuesday. Mike and I decided that we wanted to get away and enjoy the day together. We kind of want to go out and do something, rather than sit at home all day, because that's what we typically do. So here's where I need your help...What are some things to do or places to go, that would take up a good chunk of the day, that aren't terrible far away from the A-town/Z-land area? Any suggestions will be so helpful!!!


  1. GO TO THE ZOO AND TAKE PICTURES OF THE ZEBRAS FOR ME :) hehe i decided that i LOVE zebras, they are amazing animals. lol.

    or you could go to grand rapids and talk to homeless people about anything and everything, thats what i want to do anyways.

    or you could go to taco bell (and you could read the diet plan on the wall and miss me and anna being there and kick people out of our table :P) and get a bunch of tacos and leave them on random peoples porches ;) just kidding dont do that, but you could give them to the homeless people you talk to!! hehe i really want to do that... did you notice?

    or you could make sure the highlighting stuff still works, and test it out on mike. i think he would enjoy that one the best. hehe jk jk

    enough ideas? can you tell im bored right now? lol...

  2. Boy Melissa, I'm not much help here! There's not a ton of stuff to do in this area - as you know. You could always go mini-golfing (if it's a nice day), or maybe do a few diffrent things, cook together, go for a drive just to relax and see what you see. Hmmm, hopefully other people are more helpful!

  3. I only have one! The Beach! That is a great place to walk (if GH then the pier) or you could go to Musekgon Beach and just walk and talk, maybe have lunch or just a coffee or something! The beach would be my choice of a cheap date with my sweetie!


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