20 April, 2011

The Good and the Bad

Last weekend was crazy!

On Friday, I went to get my hair cut and pulled into the parking spot and heard a loud crack.  It didn't sound good.  This is what I saw:

Yeah, not good!  Unfortunately the sound and look was all too familiar, and I knew that the ball joint was broken.  The same thing happened last year, but on the opposite side!  So I called the tow truck and had the car towed to a local mechanic.  The mechanic couldn't fix it until Monday, so I went the weekend without my car.  I did get it back on Monday, all fixed, and for almost $50 less than the quote he gave us!

Then on Saturday, I ran my second 5k.  The weather wasn't the greatest, but at least it didn't rain the whole time.  There was one hill right before the race was done that was a killer, but I survived!  I beat my previous time (31:51) and finished the race in 30:33!!!  I was proud of myself for running in the time I did, but I was disappointed that I walked 3 times (just short amounts but still....)  I had side aches really bad, but I need to figure out how to work through them and keep running!

Then I rushed home so Mike and I could look at a new vehicle (we've been looking since we got our tax return back...time to replace the Stratus!)  We had a little trouble finding the dealership so we called and were told he just sold the vehicle we were hoping to test drive!  So much for that!

Sunday was relatively quiet.  Church, then lunch at my parent's house.  Then I froze my butt off (quite literally!  metal benches are cold!) watching Mike practice with his work softball team.  We went home and had a nice relaxing evening together.

All together, a pretty good weekend.  Then I woke up Monday morning and saw this:
Gotta love this Michigan weather!

We have another busy week coming up; between work, car hunting, youth group, baking, Good Friday, Easter....gonna be another crazy one!!!  How is your week going?


  1. Car problems are so frustrating - glad it's fixed! Hope you can find another car soon.
    Hooray for you for doing the 5K and improving your time!!!

  2. Hey! That looks familiar! Hope things with the car get better soon.

  3. Cars - they're a pain but you gotta have them. Way to go on your 5K - What an accomplishment!

  4. Oy, Michigan! I grew up there, and remember the pain of the mid-spring snow. (I think that's partly why I moved to CA!)

    Hello, by the way - I surfed in from FMM. :)

  5. Cars are very useful but very costly to maintain.Well hoping all gets better and you enjoy the holidays up and coming.Meanwhile plz do check my blog on freeing your mind read it,follow,be inspired and comment to improve my works too.Have a wonderful day.Thanks.

  6. Hope you find a car you like soon. It really stinks when you have to start replacing things. That's what happened to me a few years ago.

    Have a nice Easter and Congratulation on your 5K, that's amazing.


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