27 April, 2011

New Equipment

Did you know the right equipment really makes all the difference?

After my first 5k, my hips and knees hurt horribly!  I had been running for almost 4 months before the race and hadn't had a whole lot of trouble.  But for the majority of those 4 months, I had been running on a treadmill which has more "give" than pavement.  When I started running outside the week before the race (and the day of the race), my knees and hips were screaming!

I talked with a seasoned runner and he encouraged me to buy a good quality pair of shoes.  The pair I had been running in were my track shoes that I used in high school when I threw discus and shot put and (sometimes) ran the 400 yard relay.  It was high time for them to be replaced.

My friend told me about a great store for runners.  I went there and they fitted me for a pair of good shoes.  It was neat because they watched me walk/jog and paid attention to how my feet moved so they could recommend the best pair of shoes for me.  I tried on quite a few pairs before finding "the one"--the pair that didn't feel like I was wearing shoes, was comfortable, and fit just right!  (By the way, did you know that your running shoes should be about 1/2 a size larger than your street shoes so that when you run your toes don't hit the end and cause pain? I didn't!)

I have been wearing my new shoes for about a month now and running outside with them quite frequently.  The best part?  No pain!

On another note, I've been wanting an exercise ball for a long time.  It really helps my back when I lay on it and stretch out.  I've also heard that sitting on the ball while watching tv (or reading blogs on my laptop!) is a good way to build up core strength.  So when I saw this ball at Aldi for just $5.99, I snatched it up!  I've used it quite a bit and I'm loving it!


  1. I good pair of running shoes is a must! What store was it that you went to, I might have to check it out!
    I have an exercise ball too and I love using it. I will use it for different weight lifting exercises as well to help build core strength and muscles at the same time!

  2. I never heard about the exercise ball building core strength, bu tit makes sense! Did you get your shoes in Grandville? I'm told there is a good running shoe store there.

  3. Heather,
    I went to Strider's in Grandville. You can expect to pay about $100 for a good pair of shoes, but let me tell you, they're worth every penny!!!


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