22 November, 2011

5k Results

The race results have (finally) been posted, so now I can tell you about my most recent 5k on November 12th.  This race was really special because I was able to run it with a group of friends from church, Jennifer, Karen (and her husband and son), Kim, Bekah (Kim's daughter), and Erica.  I loved the race course because it was flat and well marked!  And, I have to say, the post-race refreshments were the best I've had yet!

Getting ready to begin
My original training plan was to complete a 5k each month through the summer in preparation for a 10k in October.  However, a stress fracture way-laid those plans and I didn't run a single race between June 28 and November 12.  This was my comeback, and I did make a nice comeback!  I crossed the line with an official time of 28 minutes and 13 seconds!  This was my best race yet by 1 minute and 8 seconds; I ran my fastest mile times ever too!

So get this though, they start to announce the awards and I figured I'd stick around to see what place Karen's husband took. All a sudden they called my name...I took 3rd place of the females in my age division. Whoo hoo! Shout out also to Karen who took 3rd in her age division and her husband who took 1st in his. What a day for all of us!
3rd place medal--very surprised and thrilled!

Our little group of runners
Just so I can keep track of it, and if you want to see my progress, here are my past race results:
3/12/11--Black River Rat Race--31:51
4/16/11--Lamont River Run--30:33 (not chipped)
5/28/11--Kick Off to Summer Run--31:12
6/28/11--Zeeland Zoom--29:21
11/12/11--Paradise Bound--28:13 (not chipped)

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