28 November, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday: Holiday Shopping

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  I'll try to post about ours later this week, along with the continuation of my November Thankfulness list!  But now it's time for a quick Friend Makin' Monday post...

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Do you like to shop? Usually!

Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts yet? Yes!  I have about 75% of my shopping done and wrapped!
Did you shop on Black Friday? If so, what did you buy? I did!  We got up at 3 am on Friday to head to Menard's.  Our big purchases were a dog bed, dog toys, work lights for our basement, and some Christmas gifts.  Totally worth the savings and the atmosphere was so fun!
List a few of your favorite stores. Target, Kohls, Peter's Gourmet Outlet
What is the last thing you purchased for yourself (food and drinks excluded?) A candle.
Do you prefer to shop in-store or online? Both!  I love the convenience of shopping online but I like to be able to try on clothing in stores.
If you could purchase one thing that you don’t need at all for yourself today, what would it be? Probably some kind of workout equipment...
Does your significant other shop with you? Do they love it/hate it? Sometimes...Mike rarely comes grocery shopping with me, but he'll go other places with me.  Typically he doesn't complain unless I add in extra stops, but there are definitely things he'd rather be doing.
Do you shop at thrift stores? Occasionally.

When you’re holiday shopping, do you make lists? Yes!  I'm totally a list person!  It's the only way I can keep everything straight!


  1. So glad you had a great Black Friday experience! We were out of town, but there were shots fired at our local mall. I think that ends my desire for Black Friday shopping! :)

  2. Wow! Not only do you have most of your stuff purchased, but it's also wrapped? I'm impressed! Stopping by from FMM


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