04 November, 2011

Working around the house

When we moved into our house, the only lighting in the kitchen was a set of 3 tracklights (and a dim little light over the sink).  I was constantly frustrated by the poor lighting because it made for really bad food pictures, and it was difficult to see anything in the evenings because the lights created so many shadows in the kitchen--I could barely read a recipe!  About a month into our marriage, Mike's dad rigged up the little contraption you see on the far left light bulb.  Have a bare bulb helped the light situation a little bit, but it certainly wasn't a good long-term solution!
Can you guess what my amazing husband and awesome father-in-law are planning to do?  Oh yes...I know they love me!  (Or they got sick of me complaining about the lack of lighting in our kitchen!)
After a few hours of hard work (I did help!), this was the result...
Beautiful can lights in my kitchen!  It really is incredible what a difference these lights make!  My kitchen is nice and bright now, I can take decent food pictures inside, and I can read recipes without turning every light in the vicinity on!  Thank you Mike and Pops! :)

Today, I'm thankful for...

1.  A quiet and productive evening at home.
2.  An awesome spin class, with an instructor who knows how to kick my butt!
3.  My nice warm house!
4.  My husband and father-in-law who make a great fix-it team!


  1. It looks great! I know how much I like mine, so I can imagine how you feel!

  2. How did they do that Melissa? Did they have to get into the attic above the ceiling? Those are so cool!

  3. Cheryl,
    Yes, Mike went into the attic to clear the insulation away and do some of the wiring. His Dad stayed in the kitchen and cut the holes in the ceiling. I love having good lighting!


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