30 November, 2011

A Thankful Month

As I look back on my list of thankfulness over the past month, I'm again aware of how much I really do have to be thankful for!

1. A quiet and productive evening at home.
2. An awesome spin class, with an instructor who knows how to kick my butt!
3. My nice warm house!
4. My husband and father-in-law who make a great fix-it team!
5. A day spent with my Mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law!
6. An extra hour of sleep!
7. A job I enjoy.
8. My health.
9. The ability to make healthy choices.
10. A warm workplace, house, and car!
11. A day off.
12. The ability to run an incredible race with some amazing women (more details soon!)
13. A restful and relaxing Sunday.
14. A few peeks of sunshine through the dark clouds.
15. An evening at home to get things done.
16. The incredible group of girls in my small group at youth group!
17. Spending time with family.
18. A productive day off.
19. A husband who is willing to watch "girly" movies with me, and even enjoy them! (He took me to see Breaking Dawn!)
20. My church family.
21.  Another day...even if it is a Monday!
22.  My puppy who can always make me smile
23.  A new baby in the family...congrats Kim and Eric :)
24.  That both of my families get along well!
25.  The means to buy the things we need, and some things we just want.
26.  My husband and everything about him!
27.  A 4 day weekend!
28.  Food :)
29.  Self-discipline.
30.  A gorgeous sunshiney day!

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