27 September, 2008

When it rains, it pours

And pour it has...about 2 months ago, I started having problems with my laptop. It stopped recieving any wireless signal. So I had to use a cord to connect it to the router, of course the router is in the office, and my cord was only about 10 feet long, so that meant that my freedom was severly limited. Then suddenly the wireless adapter or sensor or whatever it's called would start working again and all would be well until it quit again. This process continued to repeat itself. Finally, last week, the computer completely stopped acknowledging my wireless connection and after running virus scans and other computer scans, I found out that my wireless device had been somehow uninstalled. (A virus maybe?) So I resorted to the annoyance of using my computer while plugged in in the office. I soon realized that this was not convenient at all. Then on Tuesday night, I installed new required security updates on my computer and it had to restart. When it restarted, it told me the sound device had been uninstalled as well!!! Then I noticed that my battery level indicator was not working, and had a X through it. That was the breaking point. I decided I couldn't make my computer go any longer without getting it checked out. So on Thursday, I brought it to System Works, in Holland. They will hopefully have it repaired by Monday, and then I can resume posting pictures and other interesting things. For now though, I am stuck using my parent's ancient desktop that takes 20 minutes to start up and runs about as slow as you can imagine, so please bear with me as I probably will not be commenting on your blogs!!


  1. You can talk to Heather about pouring! She is still having car troubles. I am sorry about your computer - what a bummer!

  2. That is a bummer- I would be lost without my computer.

  3. Bummer! What did we do before computers?

  4. Oh that is a sad story, I hate it when things don't work right. Hopefully you will have your laptop back soon.


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