29 January, 2011

Why Pickles?

You may remember when I posted about Christmas, that I posted a picture about Mike and I with a big jar of pickles.

I wish I had a really funny story to share about why we receive such a gift, but it goes like this.

Mike and I both love pickles. As in: we'll have a pickle for a snack, Mike drinks the pickle juice, and my burger isn't complete unless it has at least 4 pickle slices on it!

When Mike would come over for dinner when we were dating, and we had a meal like hamburgers, he'd always go grab the jar of pickles from the fridge. If we were ever out, he'd add pickles to my mom's grocery list.

So last year, my mom saw this enormous jar of pickles and couldn't resist buying it for Mike and I!

This year there was a large bag under the tree for Mike and I. We were pleasantly surprised to realize it was another huge jar of pickles!
Here's one of our favorite ways to eat pickles!!!


  1. You guys are funny! There is a man at the nursing home right now who loves pickles and eats them every morning for breakfast!

  2. I knew there was a good story behind that jar of pickles that you got for Christmas. We like pickles too! As a matter of fact, we had a big jar of them a few days ago. They don't last long around this house. I am like you in that when I eat hamburgers, I must have AT LEAST four pickles on my burger.

  3. (This is my reply to the comment you left on my latest post.)

    Thanks! =)

    I have heard of it. I've thought about doing it, and then I remember that at least one of my knees is 87 years old. I blame Brandon's big green ball.

  4. Also, I LOVE pickles... just not on my cheeseburgers. I always take them off and eat them separately.

  5. Pickles are so tasty. That is a funny story about the pickles. Might as well get something you enjoy!

  6. Too funny! I love pickles too, but not as much as one of our granddaughters. YOU might be wanting to try this, but not me....she freezes pickles juice and eats it like a slushy. Ugh!

    Cute photo of you two with the pickles though.



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