20 May, 2008

About me

Ya'll ready for this? :)
Finally, here is my "special" 200th post...though actually it's my 202nd post...but that doesn't matter does it? Anyway, I tried to make a list of 200 things about me, in chronological order as much as I could. But when I thought I was done I was at 111 so I made a list of my favorites. Well then I read through my list again, and realized how many things I had left out, but I decided to just leave it. Maybe for my 300th post I'll throw in everything I forgot this time :)
Here goes....

1. I was born December 28, 1988
2. I was born in Ruidoso New Mexico
3. I lived on an Indian Reservation in Mescalero for the first year of my life
4. I don’t remember it
5. We went camping in the white sands desert and I ate sand
6. We moved up to Michigan
7. We lived in someone else’s house in Cutlerville
8. Then we moved to Allendale
9. My brother Nate was born on June 14, 1990
10. I don’t remember that either
11. We lived in a mobile home park
12. There was a swimming pool
13. We had really great neighbors and played outside with them a lot
14. My mom kind of homeschooled me for kindergarten
15. I missed the actual date for starting kindergarten by 27 days, so my mom taught me at home
16. I could read before I started kindergarten
17. I taught myself how to tie my shoes by practicing on a blanket that had tassels on it
18. I met my good friend Sarah in kindergarten…we are still friends
19. I broke my foot in first grade
20. I was sitting on our organ bench, it tipped over and I jumped off. It landed on my foot
21. My dad was laying on the couch…he didn’t even realized how hurt I was
22. My mom didn’t either…we waited until the next morning to go to the doctor. My foot was so swollen it wouldn’t fit into my shoes!
23. It was in the winter so I missed out on sledding!
24. My classmates pushed me down to the lunchroom on my teacher’s wheely chair
25. My mom bought everyone orange Flintstone push-pops when I got my cast off
26. I still have the cast. It was pink
27. After first grade, I met my best friend Alecia…she is still my best friend!
28. I met Mackenzie in second grade
29. On Fridays, we had popcorn day. We could buy a bag of popcorn for 10 cents!
30. I got glasses in third grade
31. I met Alex in fourth grade
32. In fifth grade, my teacher fell off a counter and almost landed on me. It was scary!
33. My friend was killed in an accident when I was in fifth grade. I’ll never forget my mom crying when she told me
34. We moved to our current house
35. My room was the last one finished
36. We finished the upstairs by ourselves…the main floor was done. It’s a modular home
37. I painted my room blue
38. We had the best neighbors ever!
39. I loved middle school
40. In sixth grade I went to a science conference. I hated it
41. In seventh grade, I joined Science Olympiad
42. I placed first in two of my events, Astronomy and Experimental Design
43. In eighth grade I did SO again
44. My friend Mackenzie was my partner for Astronomy. We did not get first place
45. Mackenzie was also my neighbor
46. The neighbors on the other side of us had 4 kids when we moved in.
47. Now they have 7
48. They moved away 3 years ago
49. Now we hardly see our current neighbors
50. In eighth grade I met my friend Monica
51. The three (Alex, Monica, and me) of us were inseparable
52. We would have sleepovers and do crazy beauty experiments
53. Once, we cut up a bunch of lemons, limes, and oranges and put them in the bathtub for a foot soak
54. We made facemasks
55. The pictures are hilarious
56. In 9th grade, I went to homecoming
57. My dress was blue..and backless
58. In the summer of 2004, I went to Romania for the first time
59. There was a group of 8 of us
60. We did children’s ministries in different villages
61. It was an amazing experience
62. I fell in love with the country and the people
63. I knew I was going to go back
64. Alex had an exchange student, Palm, from Thailand
65. I learned a lot from her
66. In 10th grade the four of us went to homecoming together…my dress was white
67. I got my driver’s license in May of 10th grade (2005)
68. I went back to Romania in June
69. Just me and Gerri
70. It was amazing
71. In July, I got hired at Allendale Nursing Home
72. In the laundry department
73. We had an exchange student from Spain stay with us for a month in the summer
74. Her name is Angela
75. My mom was in charge of the exchange program
76. I got to help her
77. I loved it!!!
78. In March of 2006, I got my first car
79. A 1997 Pontiac Sunfire
80. Zack nicknamed it the Green Ghost
81. I still have it
82. My partner and I placed 5th at state for Disease Detectives (Science Olympiad)
83. We were so excited! He picked me up and swung me around!!!
84. We had another exchange student stay with us for couple weeks in the spring
85. I did not go back to Romania that year
86. I started my senior year
87. I was so ready to be done with school!
88. I threw discus and shotput for track
89. I did it my freshman year too…but I liked it more my senior year
90. I wish I had done it all four years of high school
91. I graduated in May 2007
92. I graduated 7th in my class
93. I went back to Romania again
94. My mom and two of my friends came with me and Gerri
95. We did children’s ministries again (are you noticing a pattern here?)
96. I started college in the fall
97. I go to GRCC
98. For Business Administration
99. I want to work in a hotel or restaurant
100. Or maybe run (and own) a bed and breakfast

I'll post the next 100 tomorrow... :)


  1. That was a fun first 100. I remember when you came to our church and I was doing the kids bulletin. Do you remember I would have contests in it? I remember getting things for it form you and always being impressed by your neat penmanship. You wrote better when you were in 2nd grade than I do now!

  2. You have a great memory. You must not be old yet. LOL!

  3. Great list!!! Your brother, Nate and my Nate share the same birthday! How cool!! Just a few years apart though! :)

  4. What a great list. I can totally see you running a bed and breakfast!

  5. I'm with Cheri. I think you could run a Bed and Breakfast for sure!


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