01 May, 2008


Last night was the last meeting of the school year for Splash (our middle school youth group). We had a really good time and I gotta say I'm really going to miss my girls!!!

Anna and Jessica were entertaining us as we were waiting for pizza. Jessica's facial expression is priceless...and I think Anna should jump hurdles!!
(pictures are clickable)

These four girls are from my group of 6th grade girls.
Hannah, Emma, Jessie, and Grace

The pizza has arrived! Yay for Vitale's!!!

Kaylyn and I built a tower from all the little tables she stole off the pizzas

The youth praise band leading us in one of their original songs

Some of the group....the 8th graders were MIA (playing outside in the woods)

The group of girls inthe back of the room are from my group. They always dance around while singing the songs.

Blake is just the ladies' man. He came over to check out what we were doing during our small group time...and ended up getting decorated with cupcakes :)

These are my girls! I love them like crazy...this picture represents our group perfectly because we're always laughing. We already have plans to get together over the summer.

They were so cute when youth group was over. They all gave me hugs and said they can't wait for next year. They were super excited when I said that I planned to be their leader again next year (Lord willing!)!


  1. Great post! I really do love these kids!

  2. Looks like everyone had fun! Hope your year was a blessing to you, you are doing a wonderful thing mentoring these girls!

  3. You are a great leader, I'm sure! Thanks for sharing your time and yourself!

  4. That is great that you help out. I use to help out with the 5th and 6th grade girls at Robinson Baptist when I use to go there and do the Awana program. I loved it. We started the year off making homemade pizzas and craft of painting little pumpkins and game night. It was a great way to get to know the girls outside of class time. Good luck with your future in Business Administration

  5. I think middle schoolers can be a tough group to teach but it sounds like you love it. It's a special gift. Looks like everyone had a great time all around!

  6. thanks melissa how are you doing? i havent talked to you in a long time.

  7. I am sure you were a fun leader and the kids had a great time!


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