16 May, 2008


Last night was Collage...every year the music department at the High School puts on a "collage" of musical talent. This year's show was much shorter than most, but the talent was still incredible. It was a new experience for me as this was the first year I was actually able to watch Collage instead of participating.

The H.S. concert band opened the show with the theme song from Star Wars. Darth Vader made an appearance and the band director, Tony Bush, defeated him. It was fun to watch!

The show choir was incredible as usual. They preformed a fun jazzy song, Blue Skies.

One of my friends and fellow Color Guard member, Debra, performed a flag routine to the song "Somebody's Someone".

Another friend, PJ, sang "Wherever You Will Go".

My brother, Nate, is in the Jazz band. If you watch the video (I had to link to it on YouTube because it took literally all day, from 10:45-9:56 to try to upload it to blogger), he is the guitarist on the far left. He had told me that he was doing background vocals for a song in Jazz band, but I didn't know it was the one they were doing at Collage! This isn't the type of music that is most common at Collage, but it was a nice change of pace and I enjoyed it. This group is very talented!

Zack and his friend Tyler sang one of my favorite songs, "Fire and Rain". I took a video of it, but I have a feeling Jennifer will be sharing it on her blog. If she doesn't, I'll post it up here.

And yes, I know that this is my 200th post, but I thought Collage was more important. I will post my special post later tonight or tomorrow :)


  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! That was Matt A. singing right? I have never seen him that animated before!! I'm pretty sure I've never seen him head bang before!! ;-) They were great - I'm sorry that I didn't make it Thursday night!

  2. Congrats on 200! Collage is always a fun thing. The jazz band sounds good.

  3. Cool! That looks like a lot of fun!


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