11 May, 2008

Finding treasures!

I've been out of school for aout 3 weeks now. As you can imagine, I find myself with nothing to do. The other day, I decided to clean out my closet! I wish I had taken a before and after picture, cuz let me tell you, my closet needed a good cleaning! It looks so good now! I threw away a ton of stuff...lots of old school papers and just junk that I have no idea why I was saving it. 3 big trash bags full of junk! Why was I keeping it in the first place?
Well, among the treasures I found was this...

What is this you ask? Well, only one of the best bread toppers out there! It's similar to Nutella, but with a's from Romania! I also found some other Romanian snacks and a bottle of my favorite drink, Sokata. Jackpot! :)

I had seen this recipe and I thought it sounded delicious! So, I used my Finetti (instead of Nutella) and oh boy! Are these good! They're pretty simple to make and they are really good!
(Disclaimer: I made this post on Wednesday, I just didn't put it up until today! Oops!)

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  1. Is the Romania version of it made with Hazelnuts also? I have to carry and epipen because I had a "swell" reaction to hazelnuts last year.


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