12 May, 2008

Today's Project

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am often finding myself with nothing to do...which gives me plenty of time to read blogs, but after a while they're all read and there's nothing to do! Today was an exception. I had a project to do that I was very excited about. You see, for the past year or so we have had this (pointing at this first picture) sitting in my backyard. (Oops! I guess the "before" picture that I took didn't actually camera's been doing that lately.)

This fire pit thing is so rusty, I wondered if it was even worth it. But I sanded it down and it looked better.

Then I coated it with a rust protectant. It's supposed to bond the metal back together and prevent more rust from forming. We'll find out if it works as good as it sounds.

And this is the final product. Nice and black. It's not as shiny as I would have liked, but I had to buy heat resistant spray paint, so you miss out on the fun stuff you know?

If you had stopped by my house today, this is what you would have seen. No makeup, baggy sweatshirt, ripped pants, spray paint and dirty hands. But it's all fun! (Actually the mail lady came and I had to sign for something with icky hands! It was totally worth it though because she brought me my camera battery charger so now I can use my good camera!!!)

This was my next project. My mom bought me these clocks for Christmas. They were almost what I wanted, except they weren't silver. So I bought some metallic/chrome spraypaint...and....

...and painted my hand! Haha....I wasn't thinking about how much paint was on my hand...and now my hand is (still) silver!

This is the final product! I love how they turned out, you can't hardly tell that they are painted plastic instead of metal!


  1. Wow- they all look great. If you're bored again this week- give me a call- I'm sure I can find something for you to do at my house.

  2. Wow - you were really productive! Looks good.

  3. I was thinking exactly what Cheri was thinking. Maybe you could just make your rounds. LOL! They look great!


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