21 May, 2008


Here's 101-200 more things about me :)

101. I love college
102. In January I met Mike
103. He asked me out 2 months later (almost to the day)
104. We’ve been dating for just over 2 months...and it's great! :)
105. I got a new babysitting job for the summer
106. For two very energetic boys
107. I’m going back to Romania again this summer (June 13- July 2)
108. Alone
109. I’m not nervous…yet
110. I can’t wait to go…it’s going to be a whole new experience, I’ll write about it later
111. Which brings us up to today…I can’t think of what else to write…I know there’s so much more about me…I need to come up with 89 more things….oh! here’s an idea!!!

112. Science Olympiad (7th grade thru 12th grade)
113. Band (5th grade thru 12th grade)
114. I was band president my senior year
115. NHS (10th thru 12th grade)
116. I was NHS secretary and awareness co-chair my senior year
117. Track (9th grade and 12th grade)
118. Cell group (I’ve been leading since 10th grade…still ongoing…kind of)
119. Youth group (leading this year)
120. Young Children and Worship (don’t even know how long!!)
121. Praise Team (since September ’07)

122. Ice-cream…any kind really…but especially cookie dough
123. Sunshine
124. Beaches
125. Swimming
126. Chicken…give me a choice between chicken and steak…I’ll take chicken
127. Driving…I love driving!
128. Road trips!
129. Hanging out with my friends
130. Going to Taco Bell
131. Spending hours with Alecia doing absolutely nothing
132. Watching movies
133. Getting all dressed up…every once in a while
134. Singing
135. Trucks
136. Four-wheeling
137. Skiing
138. Spending time with Mike
139. Playing DDR
140. Cooking
141. Baking
142. Creating my own recipes
143. Flip flops!
144. Hanging out with the Hill girls (and the rest of the family too :-) )
145. Late night trips for fast food
146. Being in Romania
147. Taking pictures
148. Writing
149. Being outside
150. Talking
151. Eating
152. Blue
153. Daisies
154. Shopping
155. Laughing
156. Holding babies
157. Music
158. Loud music…with lots of bass
159. Talking online
160. Blogging
161. Facebook
162. Travelling
163. Flying
164. Being random
165. Dreaming
166. Thinking about the future
167. Being a youth group leader
168. Getting mail
169. Learning other languages
170. Speaking other languages
171. Making someone else laugh
172. Being brave
173. Accomplishing something on my own (especially when people thought I couldn’t)
174. Holding hands
175. Running
176. Rollercoasters
177. Disney World
178. Bonfires
179. My friends
180. Washing my car
181. Star gazing
182. Sunsets
183. Picnics
184. Walks in the park
185. Soccer
186. Throwing discus and shotput
187. Watching other people accomplish great things
188. Meeting goals
189. Making someone smile
190. God
191. My church
192. Dogs
193. Dolphins
194. Bumper Stickers
195. Going out for coffee
196. Victoria’s Secret PINK Fresh and Clean
197. Hawaiian pizza
198. Snickers
199. Silver Jewelry
200. Daydreaming


  1. I like #130!It was the Taco Bell one. HA ME TOO! You didn't mention any hampsters or goldfish though in that?!?

  2. I liked reading all these things about you Melissa! It was fun to remember some things and also to learn some new things too!


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