15 September, 2008


Friday night Mike and I went out to Boatwerks for dinner. We were celebrating 6 months together so he wanted to take me somewhere nice. We decided that it would be a surprise as to where we were going, so I had no idea.
We had quite the interesting day on Friday though. We went to Walmart so I could buy some windshield wipers, my old ones were so bad that they hardly did any good! I also wanted to go to American Eagle, so after Walmart we went to the mall. We decided we'd just real quick change the wipers in the mall parking lot. It should be real quick, especially if we both do one....right? Wrong!!! It was a pain!!! Neither of us could get the new wipers on. Then to make matters worse, it started raining. A kind gentleman stopped to help us, but he wasn't successful. By this time both of us were pretty wet from the rain, finally Mike got the driver's side on and we decided that was good enough!!! (My hero!!! I'm so glad he at least got that one to work!) Then we went inside to warm up and do some shopping. We both ended up getting shirts at AE. When we got home, Brett put the wipers on for us. Of course it was dry by this time! Turns out the clips were the wrong size...go figure.
So we went to Mike's house and hung out for a while before dinner. I had to fix my hair of course!!! :) Then we took an unknown destination (well, for me at least!) As we got closer Mike kept asking me if I knew where we were going yet...but I didn't because I really don't know Holland that well. Neither of us had ever been to Boatwerks before, but we'd heard it was really good. We were seated right away, which surprised me because it was a Friday night! The decoration was really neat....there were real boats inside the restaurant. The whole side of the restaurant is window so we could see Lake Macatawa, but we couldn't sit outside because it was rainy. There was a live band in the bar area, so we could hear them. It was Happy Hour, so there was free pizza at the bar, but we opted out of that so we could eat our meals. I got a Bacon BBQ Burger and Mike got a Smoked Club Sandwich (I think). We both thought the meals were very good. They came with Kettle Chips, but we couldn't eat all of those!! I really recommend this restaurant!
After dinner we went for a drive along the lakeshore. Mike had been telling me about South Shore Drive and I had no idea what it was, so he said we would go after dinner. There are some amazing houses there!!! There is absolutely no way I could pick a favorite, there were so many beautiful houses, and they're huge!!! My mind sure was spinning as I imagined a bed and breakfast in one of those about perfect location! We drove pretty slow down the road so we could get a good look, and then we turned around and drove through again! I had no idea that those houses were there! But they were really neat to see!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time - once you got the windshield wipers on! :) I've never heard of that restaurant. We'll have to check it out sometime.

  2. Sounds like a fun time in spite of the few issues you had. It gives you something to laugh about later. I've never been to Boatwerks but have heard of it.

  3. Sounds like such a fun night. Is that the restaurant that used to be BilMar?

    I keep waiting for the post where you get a ring!!


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