20 September, 2008

Johnny's Drive-In

Wednesday night, the middle school youth group hosted Johnny's Drive In. It was the 9th year that youth group has done it, but the first time for Splash (middle school). People drive to church and the middle schoolers wearing poodle skirts skate (or walk) to their cars to take their meal orders. We had hamburgers and hotdogs with fries, and rootbeer floats and lemonade. Most people choose to eat in their car, because it just makes it more fun that way, but the weather was great so a few ate outside on the lawn. We didn't get as many old cars as usual but there were a few, there was a nice old Pontiac convertible that helped set the scene a little bit. We blared a lot of older Elvis, and lots of other fun songs.
I didn't get a chance to take pictures at the Drive-In because I was so busy helping fill orders, but I took a few when we were waiting to start youth group.

Some of the 7th grade girls posing for me :)

Jenna in her poodle skirt

This is such a fun picture!!! These girls are a blast. Only the girl on the far right is in my small group, but I still have fun hanging out with the others! :)

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  1. It was fun! The first year they did it Laura was still in youth group and she wore one of those skirts - they've survived 9 years pretty well!


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