26 November, 2007

Crazy teacher strikes again...

My government teacher is at it again... *rolling eyes*
So we begin class today with current events as usual. People shared their newsworthy stories and then she asked us what we knew about events that were more local, especially to do with the elections coming up. We only knew the know, that the primary got moved up, etc. and so she got frustrated. She asked us a question that no-one answered. So she asked if anyone had read the chapter. As far as I saw, no-one raised their hand. Uh-oh. So she let out a few choice words and told us to take out a piece of paper, we were going to have a quiz. And here's the quiz she gave us...feel free to try it out if you'd like
1. What is the purpose of having elections?
2. What is the electoral college?
3. What is the difference between a primary election and a general election?
4. What is the incumbent advantage?
5. What is a runoff election?
I knew...a couple...and made some educated guesses. Pop quizzes in this class are not a good thing, and i'm sure we were all thinking that she'd make it a lot of points, so we'd fail and be "punished" because that's the kind of teacher she is. So we hand in our quizzes, and she begins the lesson for today...obviously on elections and voting. Halfway thru the first powerpoint slide, she informed us that our quiz would not be graded. Yeah, I'm glad I didn't fail, but now tell me...what was the point?!?!


  1. The point??? To wield her power and mess with your heads, of course!!

  2. Oh brother! The point is - she is supposed to be teaching you and if you know it all before you get there, what is she supposed to do?

  3. The point? To scare you of course and to show you her mighty professorial power. I very much dislike those kind of people who just like to show you that they can smush you into nothing if you make one little mistake!

  4. Since she wanted the class to have read the chapter, she should have told them that she would be giving them five questions over it. That way everyone would have known what was expected. She is frustrated, and doesn't know how to motivate her students to study. Anger never works.


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