12 November, 2007

An issue of modesty...

Sometimes I walk into church, and I feel like I should be at school, or in a night club. I see girls with low cut shirts, falling out of their shirts, or showing off their bare stomachs. This isn't so much of an issue on Sunday's as I have noticed it on Wednesday nights. Rhonda and I were talking about it at church yesterday. We are both astonished at what some parents let their kids wear out of the house--much less to church! Now, I can understand a girl (and this does apply to boys as well!) wanting to look nice, and in a way dress to impress. However, I think that this can be done without revealing so much of yourself...because we all know what kind of thoughts are provoked when too much skin is revealed. What kind of statement is a girl giving when she comes to church and youth group and tells her friends that she is a Christian, yet wears clothing that sends the opposite message, or dances provacatively to songs that are supposed to be praising God? I'll admit to falling into this trap, and dressing to impress...don't we all? There is a difference between dressing nicely and dressing like know what I mean. I am seriously taking this to heart, and I will be careful with what I wear, so that I don't send out the wrong message. And I challenge teenage girls or as mothers to be careful what message you are sending out.


  1. Bob and I were just talking about this last week. Kudo's to you for bringing it up and for being a good example.

  2. I was just talking about this too because on Halloween I went to school for the parade. I was astonished at what 1 girl wore. I just don't understand it! Thanks for being a good example for those who follow.

  3. Thanks, Melissa, for bringing this up. I think we are all aware of the current "styles" and I know that it gets very easy to become desensitized to it all. It's sad how easy it is to fall into the world's ways but we are not of this world!

    Great reminder and wake up call for everyone!!

  4. Thanks Melissa! We should all be more aware of what we wear to church. I know there have been times where I have regreted wearing something because it was not modest enough. We do not want to be the cause of someone stumbling. You are a great example of what young adults should be today! I'm proud of you.

  5. This is sooo true!
    I agree fully!

    I dropped my son off at children's church once and the teacher for the day bent down to assist another child and I was greeted by her THONG!

    The children's ministry director is my best friend so I told her and it was addressed to ALL the workers.

    Good for you for taking notice - maybe God is speaking to you to prepare an exercise or thematic drama to address this in your church.

  6. I completely agree with you on this Melissa and sometimes I find myself at church thinking "Is this a fashion show or a service to praise God?"

    I heard a lady on the radio once who does talks on modesty, virginity etc. She gave the example that if a guy were to bring a girl flowers, tell her he loved her, shower her with gifts and constant praise and tell her how beautiful she is and even promises that they'll be together forever and then once he gets her in bed he leaves her we would think that's awful. But when a girl dresses that way, she is doing the same thing to guys. She is making a promise with her body that she won't (or at least shouldn't) follow through with. I thought this was a really good example because a lot of times girls think there's nothing wrong with dressing to make guys look at them.

    Parents need to really look at the clothes they're buying for their younger girls too. If they don't want men thinking thoughts about their little girl, then they shouldn't dress them to attract that kind of attention.

    Thanks for bringing this up and also for being a good example.

  7. Agreeing with you 100% Melissa. Great job for not just taking notice, but standing up with the guts to make mention of it.

  8. Ok. I admit that I wore spandex a couple of times to Youth Group, but that was only because it was RIGHT after volleyball and I didn't get time to change. I think we can ask Anna if she wants to do that, and I'm pretty sure she would. I don't know who to talk to either, but I think it would be in the bulletin soon.

  9. wow! good thing all of us are small! four people to one table is gonna be tight, but i think that would be fun! and maybe one or two people could work on more crafts in the back while the other two or three are at the table. i don't know, but whatever they wanna do is good for me! lol.


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