02 November, 2007

To all good things must come an end...

The stands are crowded with cheering fans. The air is electrified with excitement. People chatter in eager anticipation. Others bundle up and cuddle with eachother to stay warm. Welcome to the high school football playoffs.
We made week 2 of the playoffs. Allendale Falcons vs. West Catholic Falcons. Which Falcons will come come out on top? The answer became clear early on in the game. Though Allendale has an amazing team, we were no match for WC who easily over took us in the first half. Score at halftime was 24-0. Third quarter, they scored again. 31-0. But we were not so easily dissuaded. With 4:16 left in the third quarter, Allendale scored its first touchdown. (Ok, actually it's second, but the first didn't end up counting because there was a flag on the play.) After getting the two point conversion the score was 31-8. Could Allendale pull ahead in the last 16:16 of the game? Only time would tell. Our boys played hard, they didn't hand anything over to the WC Falcons, however as the clock ran out, the score remained at 31-8. The boys played a good game, though the same could not be said of the coaches. Errors were made and poeple were put in who should not have been, but what can be done? Life will go on. So, after 12 weeks of hard work, the football season has drawn to a close for the players of Allendale. Some disappointed, some more than ready to be done, but to all, good job and congratulations on a great season!

Kaylyn trying to stay warm...
We were freezing already and the game hadn't even started!

Libby...she was warm the entire game, no coat or anything!

Libby and me

Kaylyn and me...I was cold so when I took the picture the camera was shaking, sorry the picture is so blurry!

Pregame team warm-ups. Go Falcons!!!


  1. Have you considered becoming a journalist? How did you remember all of that? I usually can't even remember the final score just who won or lost.

  2. Jen is right - you would be a great journalist. This could be a newspaper article!

  3. They did have a year to be proud of even though they didn't make it all the way- Way to go Allendale!

  4. I agree - the intro was very grabbing and good - too bad they didn't win, but at least you won't have to sit at any more cold games! :)


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