25 November, 2007

Is it me?

I seem to always be around when there are problems with least the past 2 days this has proven true. I had to work yesterday afternoon. I left my sweatshirt at home because I figured that the dryers had been running all morning, so it should be pretty warm back there. Boy was I wrong!! It was freezing. I worked for 1-1/2 hours before I mentioned something to a head nurse. She called the fix-it guy and he came. He flipped a couple switches and boom! we had heat! In a matter of minutes, it went from being 58 to 80! It felt so good in there! So then I got to church at 6:45 this morning for praise team practice. Brrr!!! It was so cold there! We finally questioned it after practice, because the vents were blowing out cold air! And we found out the heater was broken, so all of first service, I was freezing. Then I had to teach Kingdom Cove and I was shaking so badly I could hardly hold my papers! Finally the heater was fixed for second service, but it hadn't really had a chance to really warm up. So now I'm in my nice cozy bedroom, trying to stay warm.

Also, I was tagged by multiple people for a here goes...
8 random facts about me!
-My middle name is the same as my Grandma's first name
-I love food, and I'll try anything once
-The only thing I like about winter is going skiing in the snow and having snowball fights with my friends. I don't like the cold
-I am the oldest of 2 kids and I want to have a big family someday
-I don't like your typical "girly" movies, I would rather watch 300 or Transformers anyday
-I speak one language (English) fluently and working on making that true for 2 others (Spanish and Romanian)
-I love to sing
-I was not born in Michigan
I think everyone I would tag has already been tagged, but if you haven't been tagged yet...I tag you!


  1. I was freezing too! I can't believe you were cold at work - it is usually so hot there. Glad it was fixed. That's an interesting list of facts - I know your Grandma's name - so I know you middle name too!

  2. It was really cold at church this morning- I was shaking too! Glad it was fixed for 2nd service.

  3. Not that it matters... But I've been taggged. I didn't pass it on either. But I gave the person that tagged me a nice mentioned.

    As someone who has studied this thing, I've learned that it's always better to have a worship service where it's a little cooler than warmer. You don't want people falling asleep on you.

  4. I think I have that problem too - I'm always freezing.

    I'm glad you don't like 'chick flicks' neither do I - give me action or a suspense mystery anyway! Same with books - none of those smushy ones for me - I'll take the murder mystery!

  5. Ohhhhhhh, I hate to be cold and you know what? especially when I have a mammogram! When I went to the hospital last Tuesday to have the x-ray, the technician said, "I don't think they turned on the heat today!" It was so cold in the exam room. Can you imagine leaning up against a piece of COLD metal with my bare SKIN? I nearly freaked out! No wonder they are calling me back for a second test! Ha! Ha! Anyway, I hope they didn't find anything. So you see, it is not only cold in Michigan! I am glad that it did warm up for you eventually but I hope you don't get sick over it. Take care!


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