29 November, 2007

Up and coming hairstyles

I walked into church last night and all around me were kids with crazy hair! Mohawks, red yellow and blue yarn hair, pony tails on top of their name it, I probably saw it!

Samantha and her lovely "Alfalfa" syled do!

As crazy as Libby's hair looks from the should have seen it from the back!

We did something really cool at Splash last night. We were talking about community and showing love. We did a neat activity with affirmation...which we called 'warm fuzzies". We went with our small group and each person took a turn in the middle and the rest of the group took turns saying something nice about that person. Our girls had a really good time with it, there were lots of hugs given, and huge smiles! I thought it was really cool to hear the girls say nice things about each other, and liked hearing what they said about me too :)
So...I would like to challenge you all to speak words of affirmation to people you talk to today. You never know what a difference it will make in their life. And it makes you feel good when you say things that make others feel good! :)


  1. Crazy hair night is always interesting! Doing those affirmations things is great too - it's something we should do without it being a group thing!

  2. That's a really cool activity. I have worked with youth for many years. I am currently a school teacher. My son (who is in college) has worked with youth a lot, too.

    Stop by my photo blog sometime!
    (Picture My Thoughts)

    I really like your profile layout.

    ---Myra (

  3. Yes, I took the photos. I love to match scripture with the pictures that I take. I am a music teacher in a public elementary school. I play the piano and guitar at school a lot. Writing, photography and music are 3 of my favorite things. I have a myspace profile, which tells all about me. You could visit there, too! Thank you for your encouraging words about my pictures.
    There is an underscore between cheese and popcorn. Sometimes because of the computer's automatic underline of web addresses, you can't see it.
    Hope you talk to you later!---Myra

  4. Kids are so interesting & do the neatest things, that's a really neat activity, good teaching tools.

  5. I love the hairstyles! I might have to try one out...

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  6. I loved the warm Fuzzies!!!!!!!!!!!
    i went home smiling :)
    Keep smiling ,
    Grace J

  7. I loved the crazy hair night.

    When I taught 4th grade, I had the students pull their chairs in a circle every morning to say something nice about the person next to them on the left. They changed places every day. You would have thought that doing this EVERY SINGLE MORNING, they would have gotten soooo tired of it but NO! I guess that goes to show that we never tired of hearing someone say something good about us. It was also our prayer circle and they prayed afterwards.

  8. Yeah warm Fuzzies!

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