20 November, 2007

My opinion on the song

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my previous post. I really wanted to make sure that I was hearing the song correctly before I really said anything about it. And it turns out that all of you thought the same way I did. Please keep in mind that what is to follow is my opinion. Thanks.
So here I am, driving down the road, heading home from school. I was flipping through my radio presets and found a station I can only get in certain places. A song I really enjoy came on, and then this song. As I'm listening to the song, the first thought that ran through my head was Isn't this sacreligious? Maybe that's not the right word for it, but it's what I thought of first. I think that Jennifer summed it up best when she said "I find it repulsive". And it is. To me, the song is basically saying that the bigger your Bible is, the stronger a Christian you are, or the better you are. HUH?!?!?! "But does she got a big Bible? Cuz that little things she's got won't start a revival" How does this work? I thought it was what's IN the Bible that counts. Seriously! I think most of you have seen my Bible, if not, it measures about 6 inches, by 4 inches, and is about 1 inch thick. So because it's a handy size, is it not as good as the big "church" Bibles most of us have seen in the church library, weighing about 50 pounds, and 12 inches by 12 inches, and 6 inches thick? I think NOT!!!! Then the song goes on to compare the different versions of the Bible. Both translations and publishers. "How it is, some weenie Wants the Bible on CD" "So your girl likes paperback? Well I ain't down with that" "I ain't talkin' about a paraphrase Cuz Paul wouldn't use those anyways" I won't go into what I think about all of these. But I really have to wonder...why would someone who says he's a Christian and makes Christian music, sing about something as repulsive as this? And what is our Christian radio station saying when they actually give this song airtime?

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  1. Yup. I agree on all that Melissa. Maybe we all need to e-mail that radio station (if it's the one I'm thinking of that I've heard play it) and ask them to not play it any more. We don't have to be mean about it, but they usually like to hear opinions on songs. It's worth a try!


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