19 November, 2007

Not too sure about this...

I was listening to a Christian radio station on my way home from school today and I heard this song.It's a parody of Baby Got Back. The lyrics really made me think....and not in a positive way. Maybe I'm the only one who sees something "wrong" with this song, but I'd like to know what you think, and I'll share my opinion later.
Here's the YouTube video

If you would like to see the lyrics, here they are...
Verse 1
I like big Bibles and I can not lie
You Christian brothers can't deny
That when a girl walks in with a KJV
And a book mark in Proverbs
You get stoked
Got her name engraved
So you know that girl is saved
It looks like one of those large ones
With plenty o' space in the margins
Oh baby, I wanna read witcha
Cause your Bible's got pictures
My minister tried to console me
But that Book you got makes ("M-m-me so holy")
Ooh, momma-mia
You say you want koinonia
Well, bless me, bless me
And teach me about John Wesley

I saw her prayingWhile I was DJing
She got grace...pretty face
She ain't goin' down to the bad place

I'm tired of heathen guys
Sayin' they like pocket-size
Ask the average Christian to take a look
She's gotta pack much Book

So...Fellas (Yeah), fellas (Yeah)
Has your girlfriend got the Book (Oh yeah!)
Well, read it (Read it!), read it (Read it!), read that Holy Book
Baby got Book

(NIV with a ribbon bookmark)
Baby got Book
(NIV with a ribbon bookmark)

Verse 2
I like 'em leather and bound
It's 50 pounds
I just can't understand
How it is, some weenie
Wants the Bible on CD
She wanna get you saved
Amen! Double up! A-men!

I ain't talkin' about a paraphrase
Cuz Paul wouldn't use those anyways
like 'em real thick and red-letteredYou can't find nothin' betterSouthpaw's in love
Bibles that big are unheard of

So I'm sittin' here thinkin' "What if...
I find me a girl that shows midriff?"
You can have those bimbos
I'll keep those chick that do devos
A word to the Christian sistas
I can't resist yaI'll do God's time witcha
But I gotta be straight when I say I wanna pray
Til the break of day
Baby, got it goin' on
Like the wife in Pro-verbs 31

We just might get engaged
When we finish reading this page
Cuz it's worn and it's torn
And I know this girl's reborn

So ladies (yeah), ladies (yeah)
Do you wanna save people from Hades (yeah) Then read it...'til the pages fall out
Even white preachers got to shout
Baby got Book

(Thompson Chain with big red letters)
Baby got Book

Yeah baby
When it comes to a good book
Stephen King's resume just can't compare
39 + 27 = 66 books
And if you're Catholic...there's even more

So your girlfriend quotes Bill Hybels
But does she got a big Bible?
Cuz that little things she's got won't start a revival
My Bible study don't want none,Unless you got Book, Hon

...You can read Clancy or Grisham
But please don't loose this Book

Some brothers wanna play that hard hard role
And tell you that Book's too old
So they toss it and burn it
And I pull up quick to just learn it
So your girl likes paperback? Well I ain't down with that
Cuz my girlfriend's hot her Bible's rockin'
And she's got good doctrine
To the atheist chicks who try to dis
You ain't it Miss Priss
Give me a Christian, I'm insistin'
And I'll greet her with some holy kissin'
Some pervert tried to chase But he didn't make it past first base
She's quick to resist temptation
And she loves a new translation
So ladies who were lost and found
If you want the triple-six thrown down
Dial 1-800-reads-a-lot
And teach me about those Psalms
Baby got Book

(NIV with a ribbon bookmark)
Baby got Book
(Thompson Chain with big red letters)

Bible college knowledge but she still got Book (4 Xs)


  1. I don't like rap in any way shape or form, & my spirit tells me this is a mockery on Christianty.
    That's just my opinion

  2. I couldn't get this to play, but in reading the lyrics it seemed to me that they were mocking Christians, and I don't think it should be palying on Christian radio. I'll be interested to see what others think.

  3. I'm a mixture of both the 1st two ladies. I don't like rap and I feel that it is mocking also. I'm all for listening to fun Christian songs, but I do believe you can cross a line.

  4. I find it repulsive. I would like to know the motive behind it. Too much of it is a mockery and if you watch the video closely the girl looks pregnant when they are sitting in the grass. What is up with that? It is very odd.

  5. I agree with you Melissa. I don't know if the author intended to mock Christianity, or to use it to mock the real song, but either way I think it shouldn't be played on Christian radio (which I do hear occassionally). And even if I didn't think it was wrong, it it so annoying and dumb that it shouldn't be played anyway!

  6. I really really dislike it.
    It does feel like mockery to me and it just doesn't "sit" right with me.

  7. I'm in agreement with everyone else. I don't like rap and it just seems to mock Christianity. My dad would call it "sputnik" (Have you ever heard of that word?)

  8. I have to clarify Terri's comment. Our Dad called it "sputtin" and as Dutch as your family is I bet you have heard that word.

  9. I think it's crude. Definitely not a song to turn into a christian song. I realize they changed all the words but they should have never planned it on christian radio. I really don't find it funny, which is what a parody I think is suppose to be.A lot of what they say doesn't even make sense.See-ya soon,Patty

  10. I had first seen it on I think it was made to be more of a parody (like the old Weird Al Yankovic stuff) of the secular ILBB song made years ago..


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