25 March, 2011

Art Around the House

I love to decorate.  When we bought our house (actually, before we bought it!) I knew what colors I wanted to paint most of the rooms.  I wanted a bold and modern look.  I think my color scheme definitely achieved that!  After we moved in, I really started to be able to decorate how I pictured things.

I recently purchased and received more art and I think my dining room and kitchen are pretty much completed.  I do want to put some wall words up in the kitchen, but I'll do that after my wall words party in March.

Here's some of my favorite pieces.  Actually, they're all my favorite, so here's all the art in my kitchen and dining room :)
Mike and I saw this sign one day at my favorite store, The Seasoned Home.  We both loved it, but knew it was a bit out of our price range.  We figured we'd save for it and get it when we had the money.  But then for Christmas, I received 2 gift certificates (from my MIL and Grandma) to The Seasoned Home.  They totaled to the amount I needed for the sign!
These are one of my two newest sets.  I saw these on clearance at Meijer and I loved them!  I asked Mike if I could get them and he said yes; I went back the next day and they were still there.  I love how the group turned out!

These chefs are my second new set.  I went back to buy the wine bottle set and I saw these too.  They were just so perfect for my kitchen.  I couldn't decide between the wine bottles or the chefs so I bought both, figuring I could return one set if Mike didn't like them.  He thought they were cute too, and said I could keep both.  I'm so glad he did!

I picked this up at the dollar store before we moved into our house.  I wanted my kitchen to have a cooking and wine theme so this was perfect!  Funny thing though, I really don't care for the taste of wine!  Anyway, right now it's just sitting on my back-splash; I haven't decided where I want it so I keep moving it around.
This is a painting by someone in Haiti.  I bought from some people who went to Haiti.  It goes perfectly with the colors in my kitchen!
Mike and I have been wanting a kitchen mat/rug for a while now.  Last time we were at Bed Bath and Beyond I found this.  I bought this before my Chef pictures, but they go so perfectly together!

I bought this set probably 3 years again at an auction at my church.  I loved the European countryside.  I had it hanging in my blue bedroom~ I think it goes much better in my dining room!
My sister-in-law got me this for Christmas this year.  It goes perfectly with the set I received last Christmas (hanging on the opposite side of my dining room)

I'd been eying this piece at Bed Bath and Beyond for a long time!  I was thrilled to receive it for Christmas this year!
My mom bought this wall word kit for me for Christmas 2009.  I waited until I had my own house to hang it up as it's not reusable.  I had the perfect spot for it above my bay window in the dining room!

The rest of my house is still a work in progress.  Some rooms are more complete than others.

I know I promised a full tour of the "after" pictures of our house.  I still am working on that!  I just need to get each room clean for long enough to get a few pictures, but I promise it is coming!


  1. I love all your art and the way you have been decorating. When you think how the house started, to what it is now, it's quite a change! You've made the house a home!

  2. Wow you really know how to decorate. Just beautiful. Mind if I copy some of your ideas?

  3. Thanks Christina! Feel free to copy anything you see! :)


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