28 March, 2011

Wall Expressions Party

Last year I went to a make-and-take Wall Expressions party and just loved it!  I couldn't wait 'til I had my own house to decorate so I could host a party of my own.  Last Friday I was finally able to.  I had a great group of friends come over, including Mari (you can read about the party on her blog too!)  Mandy, from Mandy's Wall Expressions, came to my house and led us in a great night of fun!  She brought along a ton of samples of her work, everything for growth charts, to cute sayings on blocks, to plates, to tiles!  Pretty much if you can imagine it, she can create it!  After she explained what her business is all about and all the great items she offers, we headed out to the garage to make our own word blocks!

We were able to choose between a 12 inch or 24 inch long block and then we chose our color to paint it.  

After our painted blocks were dry, it was time to apply the vinyl letters.  Mandy had many expressions that we could choose from and there really was an expression for everyone!  I chose: "Memories" and "Friends, Food, Laughter".

Mandy then showed us how we could sand the edges of our blocks to give it a weathered look; this was an optional step, some people did it and others left their blocks completely painted.  
And of course, what's a party without food?!?!  (I'll be posting the recipes on my recipe blog soon!)

The finished products.  Don't they just look fabulous?  I had such a great time and I know the other ladies did too!  Mandy is available for parties at your house too, so if you live in the West Michigan area, be sure to check out her site!

(Thanks to Mari for letting me use some of her pictures!!!)


  1. I think these are so pretty. What a great idea for a business. From the pics it looks like you guys had a blast. It's nice to go to a party where you bring something as nice as this home.

  2. It was really fun, and I love my finished product!


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