14 March, 2011

Smoothie Kick

I've been on a huge smoothie kick lately.  Usually I'll make a blender full of smoothie on Monday and it will last me the rest of the week.  I have a smoothie every morning for breakfast.

I don't follow a recipe for my smoothies; it's more of whatever I have in the house and sounds good.

This weeks' recipe:
1/2 bag mixed frozen berries
handful of frozen grapes
1 banana
1 yogurt (I used Yoplait mixed berries)
orange juice

I blend the berries and grapes first, then add in the banana and yogurt.  I mix in enough milk and orange juice to make the smoothie drinkable.

Sometimes I use frozen strawberries and bananas, then I mix in a packet of Benefiber drink mix for added health benefits.  I've thought about adding in protein powder, but we just have cookies and cream flavored powder for Mike and that doesn't sound good at all!

Do you have a favorite recipe for smoothies?

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  1. I don't mean to be bossy, BUT you should freeze your bananas. Frozen bananas make all the difference in the texture and CREAMY-NESS of your smoothies. I'm telling you- you've gotta try it.
    Stumbled across you from a comment you left on PW-- glad to visit!


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