10 March, 2011

Make Someone's Day

I got an email the other day from one of my close friends from high school.  I graduated a couple years before him and we fell out of touch.  Every once in a while we'd see each other at church or say hi on Facebook, but we  haven't really talked in a while.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a message from him in my inbox.

Do you remember that little card you gave me years ago? It says never never quit then cites philippians 3: 13-14. I just wanted to thank you for that. I still carry that card in my wallet and have basically lived my life by that card, well tried to to the best of my ability at least. It has inspired me to become a better christian, better soldier and a better person. I will be using that saying and verse incorporated into a tattoo in the near future as well. Thank you very much. Hope this message wasn't to random :)"

How cool is that?  I was so excited to hear from him and his words mean so much to me.  I remember writing out little cards for each person in my Bible study; I love to hear that the words I wrote had such an impact on someone's life.

Have you encouraged someone lately?  Why not today! :)


  1. Very cool! You never know the impact/influence you have on people by 'just being' the person you are. Puts a little more pep in you step today, doesn't it?

  2. That is so touching! Way too cool!

  3. That is way cool!

    I am getting caught up on your lives. I am so happy you and your hubby got new jobs. It sounds like God is working on your behalf all the time.

  4. Very cool! And just think of how many other lives you have touched that haven't said anything. :)


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