14 February, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday--Valentine's Day

Time again for Friend Makin' Monday!  Have you checked out the other participants at All The Weigh yet?  Head on over to meet some really neat people, and prepare to be inspired by Kenz's journey!

How do you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day?

Mike and I are celebrating all weekend :)  

He took me out for an incredible dinner at Bil-Mar on Saturday night.  Dinner was so delicious!  To start, we ordered Baked Brie with a Mango Chutney.  I've been wanting to try baked Brie for a long time, and I loved it (Mike...not so much!)  Then we each had a salad and bread.  Mike ordered a sizzler steak with a baked potato.  I decided to try something new, Chicken Picatta.  The flavor was out of this world!  We topped the night off by relaxing on the couch and watching TV.

Then Sunday afternoon we celebrated with my parents, I brought a Valentine's themed dessert for lunch.  Since Mike treated me to dinner on Saturday night, I made him a special meal on Sunday night.  We had marinated steaks (he said the best ever--he didn't need to use A1!!!), rosemary potatoes, rolls, and corn.  For dessert, we had peach pie (check my recipe blog for the recipe coming soon!).  Mike wanted to watch a movie after dinner so rather than picking one we already have, I gave him his gift early, so we watched Death Race 2.

Tonight we'll have heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for dinner.  We'll conclude our weekend of celebrating with Mike going to work :)


  1. Your celebration sounds wonderful! I think you better share the recipe for the marinated steaks - sounds yummy!
    We've had a crazy Valentines weekend with Andy being home. He left today, but it's also Heathers birthday and Bob has a meeting at church tonight, so we'll have to go out another time.

  2. I need me a wife...hehehe. Sounds scrumtious!

  3. ooohhh...and one more thing. I like the idea of the FMM but I would need a step by step tutorial on how to be technically savvy to make it happen. Mari has been great at helping me! :o)

  4. You really had a wonderful weekend celebrating Love! I bet your steaks were great!

    Since I cannot eat most things in a restaurant, we do a lot of cooking here at home. Mr. Handsome loves fish so I made baked haddock with lemon pepper for lunch. He thought it was YUM!

  5. So glad your VALENTINE'S DAY was special.

    I actually like A1 myself sometimes LOL although I don't eat beef too often. You have me thinking about one now.



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