24 February, 2011

My Stockpile

So continuing along with my theme of food and savings, I thought I would talk about my stockpile.  When we moved into our house, one of my favorite features was the shelves in the basement, I knew they would be perfect for my pantry!

Part of what you learn from couponing (especially with Saving Addiction) is how to stockpile.  One thing they teach is to buy multiple copies of the newspaper (1 for each person in your family) in order to get as many coupons as possible in order to stockpile.  Since it's just Mike and I, I find that to be a bit excessive; however, when we have kids and go through more food it might be worthwhile.  For now, I just buy 1 newspaper but my mom also gives me her extra coupons.

The point of stockpiling is to have enough in your pantry to be able to give to those in need (for a fraction of the cost) and also to have enough food on hand in case of a loss of job (or something similar). 

Everything I have in my pantry was on sale, plus I probably had a coupon for it.  I didn't pay full price for a single thing.  Some things you might see include:  free sugar, 67 cent boxes of Hamburger Helper, 33 cent boxes of pasta, 50 cents (or less) cans of Progresso soup, free pancake mix, free Gatorade,  and so much more!

I love having a stockpile in my basement!  It enables me to give when I hear of a need.  I am also able to skip getting groceries quite often. For example, this week we don't need to buy any groceries.  I will go to Meijer to get cheap milk and to Aldi for fruit and that's it.  We have meat and other staples we need to last a week (and then some of course!)  Another advantage of my stockpile is that I don't run out of items.  I know a lot of people who will be in the middle of baking or cooking and have to stop making a recipe and run to the store because they ran out of an item.  Then they end up paying full retail price because that item isn't on sale.  Honestly, I've never had that problem.  I finished a bottle of vanilla the other day while baking and just ran downstairs to grab another bottle.  My stockpile definitely saves me time and money!


  1. Melissa, do you watch the expiration dates? I am finding food in my cupboards from 2006...had to throw it away. I went through my cupboards just recently and moved some cans to the front that were going to expire soon.

    I am still working on this little project. It takes a while to get a handle on it.

    Your basement shelves look fabulous! I wish I had a basement like that. Our basement is just first floor.

    Thank you for encouraging us to save, stockpile, and to be generous. You are a good person, Melissa!

  2. Cheryl,
    Yes, I do watch the expiration dates. I know there are some foods that you don't have to worry about as much as others. My stockpile isn't so large that things get uneaten, but when I purchase new products, I move the old ones to the front so they get eaten first.

  3. Your stockpile looks great! I remember seeing those shelves empty and now look at them
    I've loved not running out of things - just going to the basement to get them!


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