22 February, 2011

New Freezer

Mike and I decided it was time to invest in a chest freezer.  We have a side by side fridge/freezer in our kitchen and it gets full so quickly that it's hard to buy things because I don't have room (such as we can't even fit a frozen pizza in the freezer!)  We'd looked at different stores and one day I came across a great deal.  I called Mike and he said to go for it.  Free shipping and everything!  So 2 days later our new freezer was dropped off, the delivery guys even set it up for us in the basement.  So now it's nice because I have a place to put the bigger items that took up so much room in our other freezer, like bagged chicken, bread, and pizzas!  Plus, I'm really excited to freeze blueberries and strawberries when it's picking season for them.  I'm on a huge smoothie kick right now so I'm going through frozen fruit like crazy!

But I've run into a problem with our freezer, and I'm sure many people face the same issue.  It's about 3 feet deep, 1.5 feet wide, and probably 4 feet long.  It came with 2 wire racks that sit on top and it has a small built-in shelf on one side.  My problem is this:  how do I arrange the food so that I can see everything in my freezer and the items toward the bottom don't stay on the bottom and go bad?  Have you had that predicament?  Have you solved it?  I'd love to hear any advice you might have for me!!!


  1. When we were first married we had a chest freezer and ran into the same problem. I just always tried to put the new things on the bottom.
    That's why when we bought another one, we got an upright.
    You'll still love having it though!

  2. Try putting wire baskets in the bottom or even some empty boxes that will lift it up higher so you can see whats in the bottom. that way you can always move things around.Keep a list of items in there, and mark it off when you use it, that way you always know what you need in order to replace it, you can always keep a clip board hanging on the wall next to it or even taped to the top. Hope this helps!! Enjoy your day Melissa!!


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