26 February, 2011

Get "paid" to shop

One more post on how I save money, then I'll quit for a while...maybe!  I feel like it's something I should pass on to others so they can be blessed and bless others.

I do a lot of online shopping.  When I do, I go through one of two sites to make my purchases:  Ebates or Swagbucks.

Ebates gives me cash back from my purchases.  It's easy to use, simply type in the name of the store you're shopping at and if Ebates participates with them it will show you how much cash back you'll get and if they have any coupon codes for you.  (The only place I shop that doesn't participate with Ebates is Amazon, but from what I understand they don't offer cash back with any sites like this.)  Then Ebates opens a tracking ticket for you, takes you to the stores site, and you make your purchase.  A couple times a year Ebates sends you a Big Fat Check and it's as easy as that!

One site that I've only been using for about 3 months is Swagbucks.  With Swagbucks, you can earn free stuff by getting reward points.  There are many ways to earn Swagbucks, Mari has a great post over here that explains it really well! Since using Swagbucks, I've redeemed my bucks for $10 worth of Amazon gift cards (Free money!!!) and I still have over 4,000 unredeemed points.  Swagbucks has a section called "Shop & Earn"  that you can search for the store you want to shop at and for each dollar you spend, you'll get 2 Swagbucks.  It's really easy to use and a great way to earn really neat prizes like Amazon gift card, Electronics, Kitchen Gadgets and so much more. 

If you aren't already a Swagbucks member, today is the perfect day to sign up!  You'll get 30 Swagbucks just for signing up, plus since the 28th (Monday!) is their 3rd birthday, you can get an extra 50 Swagbucks by entering the code HipBirthday when you sign up!  (Free 80 Swagbucks!)  In honor of the big day, Swagbucks will be hosting a BIG party featuring lots of Swag Codes, a new look and feel for the Swagbucks Blog and the launch of two new features, one of which will redefine the way you use their search function.  Seriously, go check it out!

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  1. I'm glad Swagbucks is working out well for you. I've got over $100 in my Amazon account already to use come Christmas, just from Swagbucks!


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