09 February, 2008

8 in 2008

Ok, so it's the 9th...sorry, I forgot to do this earlier. Here's my update for the 8 in 2008.
1. Make devotions and prayer a priority
I think I've done pretty good at this one. Of course there's always room for improvement, but I bought a great new devotional that actually has Bible verses in it to read (unlike my previous one!?!?!?), and it has prayer suggestions.
2. Listen more, talk less
This one is kinda funny, because it was actually an assignment in my communication class, to improve our listening skills. I'm still working on this though...
3. Don't choose favorites- pay attention to everyone
This has always been a hard one for me, I think of it in terms of younger (like really little) kids at my church. Seriously, there's just some kids I love more than others, and I tend to pay more attention to them. I still love my girls, but I think I've started to branch out and hang out with some other kids too.
4. JOY. Jesus, Others, Yourself
Well, this one is always a work in progress. I am the type of person who will do anything for you. No matter what it is, I'm there to help you. So putting others first isn't so much a problem for me. It's just that I'm so concentrated on helping others (not such a bad thing!) that sometimes I forget that Jesus should be first in my life.
5. Be able to run 5 miles by December
If you look at my sidebar "A New You/Me" you can see my progress. I haven't been running much because it's too cold outside. And I tried running on the treadmill in the basement, but the air down there is freezing cold too! I think my other cardio exercises will help me toward this goal though.
6. Keep my room clean
I was doing really well with this one until this week. Now it needs a good cleaning, but it's not as bad as it used to be!
7. Live with Kaylyn and Libby for a week this summer (preferably July 21-25)
Kinda hard to do seeing's how it's only February. We'll take care of this one in about 5 months :)
8. Teach the Hill girls how to cook a full course meal for their parent's anniversary (July 14)
This is a work in progress. The girls are very excited for their "lessons", but we haven't had the time to get together yet. I hear rumor that they want to do something next week though, so we'll see.
Anyway, there's my 8 things. Some of them I feel good about, others definitely need more work. Check back in a month to see if I've gotten any better! :)


  1. Good job Melissa! I might want to get in on those cooking lessons! I'm not so good at that stuff!

  2. What a list- you are such a great person for the younger girls to look up too- thanks for being willing to be an example to the next generation!


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