09 February, 2008

Sledding Adventure

My parents decided to abandon my brother and me last night. They had received a free night's stay at a hotel about a year ago and finally got around to using it! Of course, this left me home alone. I figured that I'd just rent a couple movies and have a movie marathon. Well, I went to Science Olympiad practice (I'm coaching this year) and my friends invited me to go midnight sledding with them. Fun! So I ended up renting only one movie (Step Up--one of my new favorites!!!) and relaxing for a little while.

At 9, we met at the local coffee shop and had some nice warm coffee....I recommend the White Lightening. Anyway, we had 8 sleds for 4 people, so we tried calling more people to come. We couldn't get ahold of anyone though. We even went to the local grocery store because we heard that one of my friends got off work at 10, so we went to see if he wanted to come. It ended up being just the 4 of us.

We had the sledding hill all to ourselves. Actually, I think the place was technically closed, because the lights for the hill weren't on, but there wasn't a gate or anything keeping us out! We had a blast! We had 2 tubes which we used most of the time, because plastic sleds over hard snow and jumps kinda hurts! Then we got the brilliant idea to put all 4 of us on those 2 tubes. It actually worked (one person lays on it and the other sits or lays on top!)! We also got all 4 of us onto a small plastic sled, kind of like a tobaggon. It was so much fun and we laughed so much!

I didn't feel any pain until this morning. I had to take a computer test at school. About halfway through, I started feeling kind of sick to my stomach. I figured I was just hungry, so after eating it would go away. Then when I left to go to my car, I had a hard time breathing, it was just really hard to catch my breath. I found some (year old dried out disgusting) brownies in my glove compartment, but the few bites I managed to choke down did nothing for the pain. When I got home, I went to to "diagnose" my symptoms. From the sounds of it, I might have a broken rib. Oh joy! I can breathe better now (so all you mothers, don't worry!) But it still hurts. I ended up calling to get off of work tomorrow, so I don't have to do a bunch of lifting. I think I'll just take it easy today...hmmm....less chores maybe? :) I would appreciate your prayers too, I hope it's nothing serious! :)


  1. Take it easy- hope you feel better soon. If it keeps us though- you should probably get that checked out!

  2. Melissa, That sounded like a LOT-A-FUN! Glad you had a good time sledding. Think about all the people in the southern states that never get to have that kind of fun.

    You better have a doctor take a look at you if the pain keeps up. I'm sorry that aging brownie didn't do the trick! Ha! Ha!

  3. Melissa, Melissa - what are we going to do with you? Like the two Cheryls said - you get that checked out if it keeps up!

  4. I agree - you better get your keister in to the doctor if it's still hurting!

    Hmm... usually chocolate fixes my ailments too - I wonder why it didn't work? :)


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