16 February, 2008

Hanging with the girls!

Yesterday, Anna, Kaylyn and Libby came over for their first cooking/baking lesson. We had so much fun and made a ton of yummy stuff....check it out! Also, I'm going to post some more pictures and recipes on my recipe blog.

First order of business, drink an energy drink and eat a ton of pixi stix. Sugar's good for you right? :)

Kaylyn chose to make Creme Brulee for her mom because it's one of her favorite desserts.

This is the end was very delicious!

Creme Brulee only uses egg yolks, so we had a dozen egg whites. We decided to make meringues, and dyed them purple because it's Jennifer's favorite color. After about 30 minutes of mixing, nothing was happening...that's when I realized we forgot to add sugar! No wonder they weren't peaking!

Libby working on the homemade french bread

We made two large loafs, and there was enough left over for Libby to make an L

Our main course was lasagna. We made homemade sauce!

Kaylyn chopping mushrooms for the sauce

Anna browning the meat and Kaylyn mixing the sauce.

Lasagna and bread in the oven

Garlic bread and lasagna= delicious!!!!!

Libby wanted to learn to make no-bake cookies

They turned out delicious!

The kitchen table was covered with our makings!
Clockwise from bottom left: Creme Brulee, No-bake cookies, (unbaked) Meringues

Anna working on the sugar cookies

They turned out kinda funny, but they still tasted good. I think the dough might have gotten too warm, and the cookie trays might not have cooled down enough, so they spread out a lot! :)

The finished products!
Clockwise from left: Finished Creme Brulee, No-bake cookies, A mix of chocolate chip and sugar cookies, Meringues

We had a ton of fun, and made a lot of good stuff. And we didn't have a single problem with too many people in the kitchen. After eating dinner at my house, we took samples of everything back to the girls' house. Jennifer was thrilled with everything we made, and I heard some raving comments from Zack and Mark as well when they got home. (By the way, go to Jennifer's site to read about how awesome Zack did at the track meet! I'm so excited for him!!!!!) Libby wanted to go iceskating, but she was way too exhausted, so I hung out over there for a while. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There is an Oompa-Loompa Dance feature on the DVD. I watched the girls and Jennifer learn the dance, it was fun to watch. Finally, they got me to try it...on the condition that they wouldn't film me. I can't believe I fell for that!!!! Halfway thru the dance, I noticed that Jennifer was filming!!! How sneaky! :) I think you can view it at her site sometime this weekend, if you want a good laugh. They tried to get me to do it again for Zack and Mark, but I was smart this time and refused! :)


  1. This was FUN! I looked at your recipe blog too and copied some recipes. I am really excited that you are giving us some good recipes.

    I know that the girls really had a great time and learned a lot. You are such a good teacher!

  2. What fun for the girls - and I'm sure they learned from it too! I'll be waiting to see the Oompa Loompa dance! I'm off to check out your recipe blog.

  3. How fun- I'm sure everyone had a good time and I bet there was even some laughter happening!

  4. Looks like a great day was had by all!

  5. O.K. wait, you gave an energy drink and sugar to Kaylynn.You should totally know better!But it doesn't look like anyone is strangling her in any of the

  6. I put the dessert back under the broiler and ate it right before bed. YUMMY! I was soooo good. Thank you so much. The girls really enjoyed themselves.

  7. Once again I am so impressed with your cooking abilities! If the girls want to learn how to make boxed macaroni, or maybe cake from a mix - send them over - otherwise, they're better off with you! :)

    Maybe you can have be over sometime to learn too! :)


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