06 February, 2008

Hip Hoppin'

I had so much fun last night!!! My editing parter from my creative writing class invited me to come to a Hip Hop Dance class at her work. It's only $20 for a whole month (every Tuesday night) of lessons! So basically, over 50% off the normal price! Who could resist? I didn't really want to go with myself though, and I was talking about it at authentic on Saturday and my friend Wendy offered to come with me!

After both of us getting lost (we drove separately), we finally made it to the dance place. The class was so much fun. I've never taken any form of dance before. My extent of experience is just the few moves we learned in Color Guard (which doesn't really count). Oh yeah, and I've learned a Spanish Salsa and the Cumbia. Believe me, both of those are way different than Hip Hop.

You're probably wondering why I'm taking Hip Hop. I mean, usually when people think of Hip Hop music, it's music with a bunch of people rapping that you can't understand and talking about thing that you don't even want to think about! Not to mention the dancing that you see on TV with guys grabbing themselves (sorry, it's the truth!) and girls dancing provocatively. Now, can you really see me dancing like that? I hope not...cuz I didn't! This place is a Christian dance place. So all the music is Christian music, and the moves are totally cool!

We learned a bunch of new moves. It was difficult because I have absolutely NO experience, so my feet ended up getting tangled up a bit! :) But my friend, Stacey, had never done Hip Hop before, and Wendy hadn't either (though she knows Salsa). We were the only people in the class with no exprience. But that really didn't one made fun of us! The only bad part about the class was that at the end, we had to freestyle! Huh?!?!?! Sorry, I don't like doing stuff in front of people I barely know! Not to mention making up my own dance moves! Stacey didn't want to do it either, so our instructor (I should mention that he's so good that "So You Think You Can Dance? or Dancing With The Stars wants him for a choreographer!) let the two of us go together! haha! It was a riot!

It was great exercise and a ton of fun....I can't wait until next Tuesday!!!!!


  1. How fun! I would totally love that. Too bad I am an old mom with no extra cash or time. LOL! You will have to show us some moves.

  2. Hey Melissa,
    I agree with Jen- You should do a demonstration of your moves to the rest of us old people!!

    I would love that recipe- thanks so much:

  3. Haha old people. Yeah, right! :)

  4. I'm with Cheri and Jen! My head says " I can do that!" but my body says "Ain't no way!"

  5. That sounds like alot of fun, not to mention the excerise you get. I love to dance but don't do much any more.

  6. Wow! I am so impressed with you Melissa. That sounds so fun to me but I would never be brave enough to do it! Maybe once you're done with the class you can teach all the rest of us! :)

  7. I just had to hip hop over here and check on you. At first, you scared me with that hip hop stuff, but after you explained that you hip hop to church songs, then I sat down in my chair. SIGH!

    Now don't be tell'n us that you love this dance so much that you are changing your career and going to go to school to teach dance! From the comments on this blog, you already have your first class of ready and willing learners formed and ready to join. Ha! Ha!

  8. Sounds like fun! I would love to do Ballroom dancing, I just can't get my better have to commit!


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