25 February, 2008

Ain't GOD cool?

So, as many of you know, I've been praying about returning to Romania this year. I know that God is calling me to keep doing mission work in Romania, but I don't yet know to what extent. Anyway, ever since I returned from my trip last summer, I've felt that God wants me to go back.

At first, I planned on going back, just by myself. I had my own intentions of staying for longer than 2 or 3 the whole summer. Well, apparently God had different plans. One day at church, Nate, asked me if I would consider leading a group on a mission trip to Romania. Of course I said yes, and I'd pray about it. I knew that I wouldn't be able to stand it if a group went and I didn't go, so I knew that I would be going with them. Well, I prayed about it. And prayed. And prayed. And I finally felt that God was telling me to go ahead and lead a trip. Well, then I realized that I couldn't lead a trip and then send them all home and me just stay an extra few weeks, so I knew I would only be going for a couple weeks.

So, I put an "ad" in our church bulletin. Nothing. Prayed some more. Still nothing. After about 6 weeks of the info being published, it disappeared (hmmmmm....). I also had our pastor announce openings for the trip at both services. And we announced it at authentic. Still nothing.

Ok God. What are you trying to tell me?

By now it's the third week of February. Usually, we order our tickets by the end of January to get the best price. I'm at work listening to the radio. And a song comes on that really makes me think... Am I so concerned about going that I'm not really listening to what GOD wants me to do? So I'm at work praying. And like a human, I test God. Okay God, if you want me to go, send me a sign. Let one of the songs that comes on before I leave the room be one that I also know in Romanian. Nothing. Now I'm thinking that maybe it is just my plan, and maybe God is telling me to wait a year. Then I hear the words (in my head) wait for me. Okay, that's what I've been doing, but alright, I'll wait.

This is Tuesday night. Wednesday, I get an email from Gerri, the lady I usually go with. She forwarded me an email she had received from Lavi, the pastor's wife in Romania. In this letter, Lavi said that they have a team from CERT coming in June, and maybe it would be a good idea for me to come at the same time so I could hook up with them. So I emailed the man from CERT, telling him that I'm a friend of Gerri's, and have been to Romania 3 times and am very familiar with the area that they will be working in.

I got a reply from him on Thursday. After reading it, I was so elated that I felt like I could run around the world and not be tired! :) The dates that they are going to be there are the exact same dates that I had planned on going. (I plan on staying a little over 2 weeks, they'll be there for 1). They are going to Medias, which is my "home". They will be doing VBS, which is what I always do and what I had planned on doing. They will also be running a medical clinic. He said that they would love it if I joined up with them for the week that they will be in Medias.

Now, if you ask me, isn't it pretty clear that I should be there??? It's so hard to wait for God's timing. Patience is not one of my strengths, but obviously God is trying to teach me that. So I plan to order my ticket in the next few weeks (I'm now waiting on a friend who is praying about whether or not God wants her to come with me.) Even though I strongly dislike waiting, I know that God has plans above and beyond anything I could ever plan out...I just have to wait for him!


  1. That is so amazing how this is all working out for you to go to on your mission trip. God's time is perfect and he knows what he is doing.

    We will be waiting on the particulars and we will pray for you.

  2. Isn't it awesome when you know for certain that God has spoken!!

    So glad you were able to hear His voice!! Its so beautiful!!

  3. That's great Melissa! Even though it is hard, it is always best to WAIT! God does not disappoint!

  4. That is so cool! I love to hear about how God is at work in the hearts and lives of those I know and love! I agree that the waiting is the hardest part and when God puts something on your heart, you want to jump and act on it right away! Keep us posted on what happens now with your plans!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing that with us Melissa!

  6. That is awesome. It's such a great feeling to know without a doubt that you're exactly where God wants you to be doing what He wants you to do!

  7. Isn't that confirmation great!


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