08 February, 2008

They made it!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the airport to see the Haiti team come home. Now, if you haven't been following their journey, it's been a very interesting one. We're blaming it on the snow. You can go here to read the details... I got to the airport at about 1:35. Their plane was scheduled to land at 2. I checked the arrival time and found out it was delayed until 2:21. No big deal. I sat down, to wait, and then I saw Brenda. I joined their group and waited with Brenda, Tammy, and Diane, and all the kids. Jennifer and Anna came also.

At 2:15, we went to look out the window. At 2:30, they still hadn't arrived. Then we found out they were delayed again until 2:40. Finally, we saw their plane land.

When the kids saw I had my camera, they wanted to take tons of pictures. This one made me laugh because it looks like I just photo shopped my head into the picture!!

Their plane pulling up to the gate

Waiting (not so patiently). It was hilarious because when the kids saw people walk down the terminal, and it wasn't our group, they started to "boo". We put an end to that!

There they are!!!!!!!!!

We were all very excited!

The kids were so thrilled to see their dads again!

The second half of the group arrived about 25 minutes after the first group, so we hung around and greeted them too!

It was really exciting for me to be able to be there!
Last night, I went ice-skating with Jennifer's family. She posted her family's adventure last week here. It was so much fun!!!!! I brought my camera, but I was having too much fun skating to stop and take pictures! Jennifer's husband, Mark, took some pictures, so maybe Jennifer will have them posted on her blog. You can check them out there :)


  1. Airports are fun- if you're meeting someone coming home. I do like the shot where you "photo shopped" your head in. I didn't notice that until you wrote that.

  2. I am glad that the team got home safely. Camping out in the airport was hilarious!

    Glad you had a great time skating! What fun!

  3. I am so glad you guys had fun skating last night. Libby was pretty excited about how much she had improved. Maybe I will try to post one of the videos. The pictures aren't to good. It is hard enough to get good pictures at night and then with Mr. Shaky hands on the camera well let's just say not so clear.

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Welcome to 8 in 2008! I love your list and glad to have you on board. Come back on all the 8th's with your progress report so we can cheer you on!



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