14 February, 2008

Valentine's Day

Love. That's what this day is all about right? It's a time to let those you love know you love them. But what if you don't have a special person, a significant other? Is it the end of the world? NO!! I've seen many people calling it "single's awareness day" and it just made me laugh. Who cares if you don't have someone special...sure it would be nice. But I'm okay with eating a box of chocolates on my own and not sharing. ;) Plus, I can wish all my friends a Happy Valentine's Day, and if I say it to a guy, I don't have to worry about anyone being jealous! :)

But anyway, that's not the point of this post. A few weeks ago, I made a flippant comment on this post about never kissing a guy before. Patty saw it and gave me a book to read. I've had the book finished for a few weeks, but I thought I'd wait until today to share it with you. Bear with me, as this may be a longer post than usual :) I'd like to share a bit about the book, and also add in my thoughts and such.

The name of this book is "Saving My First Kiss--Why I'm Keeping Confetti In My Closet" it's written by Lisa Velthouse. She actually grew up in Holland :)

She starts out the book and tells about how she was totally guy crazy. Her life literally revolved around getting the attention of boy's she liked. Only she was afraid to tell the guy she liked him, so she'd get her friends to do that, or completely make a fool of herself in front of him. I sure hope I don't do that. Usually, if I like a guy, I keep it to myself and see what happens (nothing so far lol). Lisa says that she longed to be accepted and to go on dates and kiss a special boy and not feel like the odd one out. And she wondered why her life wasn't going that way.

My own insert here. Okay, I'm 19 years old. Never been kissed. Does it bother me sometimes? Sure....when all my friends are hanging out with their boyfriends. But you know what? God's got someone for me. And someday I'll find him. But unlike Lisa, my life does not revolve around getting a boyfriend or being kissed.

Anyway, as Lisa gets older, she realizes that it really is a good thing (or a blessing maybe?) that she's never been kissed. She begins to see it as something that she can offer her future boyfriend. And she begins to plan a party (hence the confetti in her closet). She plans that when she does get kissed, she'll have a first kiss party, just for herself to celebrate. That's kinda a cool idea!

Well, pretty soon, Lisa realizes that God has a plan for her life. And right now it doesn't involve a guy. And finally, she learns to accept that. Now she has chosen to use her story to touch the lives of others through this book.

I don't want to necessarily compare myself to Lisa because I don't think that I am quite as obsessive about this as she was. My brief summary of this book doesn't quite explain her situation. So many girls today put so much emphasis on having boyfriends. I know a lot of girls who move practically seamlessly from one guy to the other without a second thought. I don't understand that. I was always told that dating is a serious thing. There's no point in dating someone unless you are considering marriage. (I don't know if I necessarily argee with that exact idea, but I do think that we need to be careful about who we date and "how" we date them). So Patty, thank you for that book. It was a good easy read, but had a lot of Biblical ideas and thoughts in it. I recommend it for any teenage girl who is struggling with the thought of dating. I think it would probably be best to read it around 14 or 15, or before you start dating, kind of to get some ideas before you enter the dating world.

Anyway, enough of my unorganized rambling! I hope that you have a great Valentine's Day...tell someone special how much you love them!


  1. Great attitude about this Melissa. God does have someone for you and he's going to be very lucky to find you!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Great Post, Melissa!

    I so wish I would have thought about all of that stuff when I was a teenager! There is so much I would do over!

    Happy Valentines day!!! God has the perfect someone out there and there is NO hurry!!

  3. You're right - God does have someone for you, but I know it's hard to be patient sometimes! Sounds like a good book.

  4. Great post Melissa! I love your thoughts and attitude on the dating thing.

    I just picked up a book for Mikayla (kind-of a children's book, but better understood by 9-12 year olds)that talks about a princess who saves the gift of her first kiss for just the right someone. It's a really good lesson on purity. Your post made me think of that book.

    Aren't you glad that God has our future all planned out, so we don't have to worry or obsess about it?

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  5. Great are worth it!! Hopefully this was a blessed day for all!
    Happy Valentines Day from our hearts to you!

    kari & kijsa

  6. Melissa, you attitude is so great! Wait for God's chosen man for you it will be so worth it, and in the meantime look at the work you are doing for the Lord! You are an awesome example of a Christ follower!

  7. There for sure is someone just for you Melissa - and you won't even believe how awesome it is when God finally gives him to you. And you will be so, so, glad you waited and that you saved that kiss for him.

    I know I've told younger girls this before, but I'm so glad that Aaron is the only guy I've ever dated, held hands, kissed or anything else because he's the only one I ever think about now, I don't ever need to compare him to anyone else.

    So stay strong, and don't worry. It will totally be worth it! :)


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