06 October, 2007

3/4 year's "resolutions"

I realized the other day that it's already October!!! (Brilliant observation, right?) Where has 2007 gone? It seems like not that long ago, we were celebrating New Year's day, then Science Olympiad Season, Track season, Graduation, Romania, working, and now school's already started! I can't believe how fast this year's gone by. Do you know that there are only 85 days left to 2007 (yes, I counted)? And so I'm going to make some 3/4 year's resolutions (I never make New Year's resolutions, because I can never keep them)... I've realized that there are still a lot of things I want to do, so maybe if I set a goal of when to do them by, I'll actually get them done!!! Here goes....

....Go to the Zoo: I haven't been there for probably 4 or 5 years!
....Go to an Orchard: Again, I haven't done this for a few years, I want fresh apple cider, homemade donuts, and caramel apples!!! I tried to go last year, but it just didn't work out :(
....Take a road trip: I don't really care where I go, but I want to take a friend and just go...maybe we'll go visit my friends in Indiana at Bethel
....Go to Ray's: Zack told me that we should go here, we talked about it in April, and we still haven't gone (and I think 5 months is long enough to wait for a shake and burger and fries!). Maybe soon we can find a day that actually fits both of our schedules!!!!! :)
....Make it a habit to read one Bible chapter per day
....Actually exercise every day, instead of just thinking about it
....Modify my eating habits: less candy, more fruit (and peas and carrots! lol!)

I could probably think of more things I'd like to do before the year's out, but I don't want to overwhelm myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. man you leave huge blogs. but yet good. you have a lot of stuff to do still.write to me when you can,
    P.S. 5 months is a long time to wait for a burger some fries and a shake!! :)

  2. Lot's of good resolutions! Where is Ray's? I don't think I've heard of it.

  3. Ah man... you mean thinking about excercising doesn't cut it? LOL! Well if you skip the Ray's you won't have to excercise as much but trust me it is worth excercising for. In fact, maybe I will have to talk Mark into heading towards GH tonight.... wishful thinking. I am with you on the pumpkin donuts and apple cider that sounds so good.

  4. OK- Now I want to know where this Ray's is too- you'll have to post about it once you go there.

  5. Melissa - if you do decide to go to the zoo - skip John Ball and head to Binder Park Zoo. Way better animals - you can even feed giraffes and let them lick your hands. It's really really cool. I think it's about an hour away, but it's worth it!

    And I'm with you on the cider and caramel apples - I keep bugging Aaron to go to Robinettes with me!


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