17 October, 2007

God is always in control!!!! My third and final post of the day...the conclusion to my exam cheat sheet saga :) My exam went well, for those of you who asked me today. I feel pretty good about it. I was talking to Diane tonight, and she said something pretty cool. God is always in control... Jason was supposed to come out for coffee 2 weeks ago. However, that was the week that Pastor Steve was in the hospital, so thing were too hectic and we postponed coffee to today. God knew I was going to forget my paper and he provided someone (Jason) to help me out! Even in the little things like this, God took care of me and provided what I needed...How cool is that!?!?!


  1. well not so much plans, we was just discussing options. are you going to that Trunk or Treat thingy? Tori and i are goin' and we's a gonna be AWESOME, we need a few supplies but other than that we got our outfits from our house, we are going to be . . . it;s a secret :p you'll find out soon enough though. I promise!!! Anywho's, WE GOTTA GO TO MCDONALDS!!!!!!!! Tori is gonna put paper over your liscense plate so theys can never find us!! j/k well w/e
    talk to me!!!

  2. It's so great to see God working in the smaller parts of our lives, as well as the larger things!

  3. I love to begin the day wondering what God has planned for me! He's so awesome an always works things out - I just need to stay out of His way. It's very satisfying to give Him the glory in everything since He's the one who orchestrates it all anyway.

    Have an awesome day today!!

  4. It is always such an awesome feeling to know that God is taking care of eve the smallest things in our lives.
    Glad the exam went well.

  5. I'm glad eveything worked for you! It's nice to know that God knows what's going on because I sure don't! I'm sure you did great on your exam!


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