08 October, 2007

Rosie and Ruby-isms

I wasn't sure what to write today, but after reading some other blogs, I noticed a pattern between Dawn, Jennifer and Julie's blogs...all are, as Jennifer so eloquently put it "from the mouths of babes" here goes...

My first Rosie-ism has already been shared, you can see it here

I sat with Julie and her family at church yesterday...and I never know what to expect from the girls!!! :) It keeps life here is a glimpse into some conversations

When I walked up to sit by them, Rosie looks at me and says "well, don't you look nice today!"

Ruby- after seeing chapstick in my purse "Can we do lipstick time?"

Ruby-after I took communion "Was that real blood?" (Now we know that she understands the symbolism of communion!!!)

Dillon- when walking with me to YC&W "Ruby got a big girl bed, and it's bigger than mine and Adam's!!!!"

My personal favorite Rosie-ism is form a long time ago. We were talking in YC&W and she asked me if I had kids. I said "no". R:"Well, why not?" M:"Because I'm not married" R:"Why aren't you married?" M:"Because I'm not old enough" R:"Well, my mom's married and she has kids, so why don't you!?!?!"


  1. Aren't they funny? You never know what they'll say!

  2. Sometimes a chill goes up my spine when you tell me that you have something to tell me that one of my kids said or did - I'm always thinking, "Oh please don't be too bad!!!" :)

  3. Kids are so funny- it's great to blog these moments to remember later on.

  4. File that away in your mind so you can compare with your own kids when they arrive, when you get old enough.... How cute kids are..

  5. Aren't they funny?! You really never do know what will come out of a kid's mouth!


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