22 October, 2007

Back in middle school?!?!?

So...I really don't like my government professor. The main reason I don't like her is because she exercises her freedom of speech by swearing in class, but that's a whole 'nother story. The class is okay, and I like seeing my friend in that class, but my friend is the main reason I look forward to the class. We always get there about 20 or 25 minutes early and just sit and hang out. So today, we're having a grand ol' time talking and stuff before class starts. In walks the professor, late. Class begins as usual, we get our papers and exams back, take attendance, then do current events. Then comes the kicker. She numbers us off by 9. So there's 4 people per group, or so. She then proceeds to tell us that we are going to be getting assigned seats because there's too much chit-chat going on. So we are basically being treated like middle schoolers, being told where to sit and who to sit by. We have to sit in these seats for 2 weeks, and then we'll switch again. I thought in college we were supposed to be treated like adults (because we are) it just me, or is she treating us like middle schoolers?!?!?


  1. Sure sounds like middle school to me!! Maybe she used to teach in a middle school. :)

  2. Sounds to me like maybe she may be a little immature in her language use!

  3. I totally agree with you. I hated when I would have professors that are just trying to get their students to think they're cool by swearing and talking about drinking and everything. And then I had the professors that took attendance every day, had assigned seating, etc. I figure - if we're paying for the class, then if you don't want to show up, you're only hurting yourself right? They should just treat you as adults and let you make your own decisions. I guess the problem is that the majority of students don't act like adults. That's too bad Melissa - at least you'll be done with her soon right?

  4. Don't professors know that they are an example to the kids. That drives me crazy when they swear.

  5. It kinda sounds like she's trying too hard to "make" students respect her - maybe by eminating authority, she thinks that makes her better?!?? Hang in there!


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