28 October, 2007

Laundry Room Catastrophy!!!

I would dare say that today was the most interesting/exciting day I have had thus far at work. I was sitting in the back room, waiting for the load to come out of the washer so I could put it in the dryer. I heard a noise and I thought that doesn't sound like the washer usually does when it's rinsing. So I went to investigate...I opened the door leading into the main room, and was hit by a cloud of steam and water spraying everywhere! I quickly terminated the load, the washer stopped, but the water kept on coming. I couldn't turn off the water, because of course the valve was broken! Meanwhile, I'm getting soaked. So I run to the break room and call our maintenance man. He said he'd be there as fast as possible. I go back to the laundry room. Now the whole room is like a sauna. Water is spraying everywhere, and the steam was insanely thick. I opened a window and went to grab some bed pads. I used those to cover up the spray of water, so rather than spraying everywhere, it sprayed down, and almost directly into the drain. Larry got there soon afterwards, and finally was able to shut off the water flow. We discovered that the water hose had rusted straight thru and the force of the water running thru it caused it to explode. Larry ran out to the hardware store and bought a new hose. When he left I mopped up the floors and set up the fan to dry it more. Thankfully, the whole episode took just a little over 30 minutes, so I wasn't put behind schedule, but it sure made for an interesting afternoon!


  1. Oh my goodness. That sounds like an episode on the Brady Bunch when they had the whole laundry room filled with bubbles because the box of detergent accidentally fell into the wash machine. Come on I know some of you out there remember that one. Melissa is probably too young unless you watch the reruns.

  2. I'm glad you were the one working - some others may not have handled it as well. Good job!

  3. You needed a little excitement today, right?!!

  4. Great job, Melissa - using bedpans to redirect the spray of water! Hmmm... one more use to add to the list....

    Jennifer- I remember that episode on the Brady Bunch! Wow, I'm not that old am I??? LOL

  5. Wow! That's crazy - I probably would have just freaked out and ran around shrieking! :) Good job!

  6. Wow- sounds like you did a great job handling all that excitement!
    Hopefully the next time you work will be a little calmer.

  7. You handled that so calm and cool, good thing you can think fast...


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